It's Party Time

We had a blast with the Grandbabes here.  So much so that we were able to throw a birthday party.  It was really special.  It seems we happened to have the Grandbabes and Princess Emma here just when it was the birthday of The Stuffed Puppy and Dumbo.  We were surprised!  But hey we can roll with that.  It was a quick plan but the Other Mother and I whipped up a birthday tea party.  Here is how it went.

I made a white raspberry cake with cream cheese icing and coconut 
in the shape of a bone for the stuffed dogs part.

The Other Mother put out a lemon raspberry cake with 
strawberry icing topped in circus peanuts for Dumbo. 
Pretty good job so far!

 Next we brewed up some lemon ginger tea for the tea party part.  
Added in garlic cream cheese cucumber sandwiches and homemade pimento cheese with ham sandwiches.  Cut them into the points.  
Placed a plate of cut up apples and cucumbers to go with it.  

This laid out a lovely table with The Grandbabes and Princess Emma attending.    
What a spread!

Our Grandson really loved his tea....yummmm.....good to the last drop.

Did you want some cake too?

At the end Momma Doggie sang Happy Birthday to the special guest.  
What a wrap up!


  1. We had a wonderful time at the party! Thanks so much for having us for tea and cake:)

  2. Oh my Lynette! What a cah--ute idea! And how special YOU are to pull it off!
    Thanks again for your comment on my blog. God bless.


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