Grandbabes Private Screening

The high winds today has trapped the Grandbabes inside.  Much too windy to go out as the dust and dirt is flying all around.  So we have colored for quite a while this morning.  But for the afternoon we thought we would try the new DVD from Cartoon Network Enterprises and Warner Home Video.  They have a new release of their first original CGI movie, FIREBREATHER – on Blu-ray and DVD.  So popcorn was popped and it was movie time.

The film follows 16-year-old Duncan, the new kid in school, who struggles with problems like making friends and bad luck with girls – while also dealing with orange skin and an appetite for coal instead of sandwiches. Add in an overprotective mom who wants you to lead a normal life and a dad who wants you to take over the world!   Duncan struggles to find his place as half-human and half-Kaiju – a race of ancient, powerful creatures that are hundred foot tall..   It is going to be released on March 22, 2011.  This action-packed movie works with Kids 6-14, Boys 9-14 and Tweens 12-17.  I am glad we have watched this while the youngest was napping.  I think he would have loved the colors but not able to follow the plot.  My granddaughter loved finding the downloads of avatars and wallpapers online.  You can see a lil for yourself here.  BTW, thanks to Cartoon Network for letting me have a sneak peek.  How special is that! Of course there is not any monetary compensation.

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  1. Very fun way to spend the afternoon.. We watched Eloise at Christmas Time ... AGAIN!!! and we ate Gold fish crackers as I have one little guy here who is allergic to Corn, even popcorn!!


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