Assume the Fetal Position

Sculpture of a woman in fetal position; artist...Image via WikipediaIt is not yet 3 a.m. and yes I am awake. Not the oh my I need to go to bed still awake. No the, been there done that awake.  It is quiet in my house if you not near Dear Hubby and his lil bit of snoring.  But worse near me with the sniff sniff sniff that is happening now.  And swallowing is quickly becoming quite impossible.  Oh how I hate a warm weather cold.  It seems they just hurt more.  You can talk to me now but I may not hear you too well.  My ears are clogging up.  I am sure by the end of the day (my last with the Grandbabes visit) I will not care who talks to me.  Instead will be curled up in the fetal position moaning out my pain.  Yes, I am a big baby when I am sick.

This is how College Girl felt a week ago during the production of their last play.  She tried so to stay away from all the other theater students so not to infect them.  But there were others who were protecting their voices as they had singing roles and were fighting laryngitis.  You know when you start getting a large group together that illness spreads like wildfire.  The hand sanitizer was being passed all around there.  I know I sent College Girl with Nozin to try and help her keep things a lil better. 

Have you heard about that one?  Nozin?  It is a new anti bacterial cleaner for you nose.  Just a lil vile with a cotton tip, pop it open and squeeze then wipe the inside of you nose with it.  Swipe and swipe. just kept 99% of the most common respiratory diseases from attacking you.  It last 8 hours and stops those germs from entering your body through your nose.  College Girl was using this and hand sanitizers to keep from getting worse or spreading what she had.  She even took it with her on spring break at the Twilight Convention in Nashville.  Thought that was smart thinking with those large groups in tight rooms for conferences. 

In the meantime back here at the house I will hang out.  Gargle to sooth my throat.  Blow my nose.  Wash my hands over and over again.  Use sanitizer on everyone and everything.  And pray that this warm weather cold does not settle in for the long haul.   YUCK!


  1. Oh No.. so sorry you are not feeling well.. I am a huge fan of Zicam.. to help your cold leave quicker.. or not get worse..
    Take Care, and get some rest!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! It took me forever to get over mine. Even now I don't really feel all that well and at times feel like I'm getting again.


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