Verizons Synonym is ARRRRGGGHHHH!

Well let's get with it folks. I will finish my rant and then it will be over with and I can move on.  Right.  Well I have my Internet back up after a 3 week bombardment of issues.  I will admit I waited for a bit as I thought it might be weather related with the two weeks of ice storms we had.  They are pretty rare in Texas and I thought it might have messed up the wiring and all.  But then I started calling for help.  I called Verizon and got Mexico and the Philippians.  I called and "Mary" or "George" with heavy accents said, "let's walk through this".  I called and we walked and walked and walked through things, the same things each time.  I called and was put on hold then disconnected.  I called and was told we will test the lines for 24 hours, then received an automated call saying all was fixed----NOT!  I called and finally got really PISSED OFF!
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Then things started to change.  When I said "No, I am not walking through this.  No, the problem is not fixed.  No, it will be fixed or the next call will say......I am sorry but my modem accidentally fell under a sledge hammer!"  Then they transferred me to a lady in Florida...oh yes!  Finally!  Now I had someone who would send out a technician.  And when that did not fix the issue he called back to see what was happening.  Yeah!  Then a lady in California called and said "what can we do to help you".  Now they sent me a new modem to replace the 5+ year old one.  OVERNIGHT!  They called back and made sure it worked.....with all of the computers and net books.  The service reps here in the good ol USA got things up and going again.  The ones that have been outsourced too.....did not do any thing but raise my blood pressure and eventually my temper.

But I am back up and running on all 6 cycles once again.  Thanks so to those who helped me here in the states.

So what did I do when things where down and out?  Well I had a lovely dinner date with my Dear Hubby.  Dress and pearls for me and tie and dress shoe for him.  Yeah, he is still in his storm trooper boot for the surgery done in December.  One day he will be able to walk fully again or so I hope!  We also went to see the Glass Slipper, a play that my College Girl was in.  Yes, that was all fun and smiles.  She was the mouse (a puppet handler).  And Princess Emma loved seeing her Sissy on the stage once again.  I also cleaned house in large massive sweeps.  Used my Libman mops, brooms and scrubbers everywhere.  I also was able to start hanging my clothes outside once again.  That feels so good to be out in the sun and feeling the fresh air.  Oh and of course we played games too.  Lots of them and a really cool new one. 

Let me share this one with you.  Synonyms is a great word game that I have here.  It was easy to understand and gosh we all thought we could just whiz through it.  Ha Ha!  Sure.  This was a game where you have to name off Synonyms for the word on the card you draw.  Seems easy....right?  The word may be excellent.  So you have to name off 6 words (however many the die states that you rolled).  Not hard at all....til your looking at that minute time and your brain goes blank.  Do you remember to say awesome or first-rate?  How about tiptop, laudable or superlative?  No my brain says......excellent?  Great, Gosh darn it and Golly Gee!  We would laugh at each other and bite our tongues not to answer for the other player.  I think this would be a great family game and even better for a home schooling family.   You can find this at Amazon and they are also on Facebook and Twitter.  I have to say I am so glad this was here for me to review.  Not only did we have a great time but it was wonderful to have the diversion from our aggravation too!  And as you know, these are not paid reviews....just sending us items to try out and we tell you what we think about them. 

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  1. Well, I am glad that you are back and up and running again. I was beginning to wonder what happened to you. Don't get me started on the internet systems. I was on the phone yesterday, with my Auntie up the street when it went out (her's too) and the internet went out with it. We have phone, internet and TV all through our cable provider, Time Warner. I was in the process of calling when waa laa it came back on. Then within the half hour it went off again. So I made the call again. They checked my modem and it was offline and so was my Aunt's. Then while I am still on my cell phone it came back on. They wanted to set up a service call to my house. I asked why? It is NOT my house, we have already proved that because it is not just me. We went through this last year at this time and I threaten to throw all the equipment out into the front yard for them to pick up if they could not fix it, yes in the snow. Of course the CSR told me that I could not do that and I nicely let her know that maybe she didn't know who she was talking to because "Yes, I am pretty sure I can unhook your equipment and walk my butt outside and throw it in the snow for your guys to come get." I told this to the CSR yesterday also so I am suppose to get a phone call today from some upper repair supervisor. I told her "Well good, maybe my phone will be out every time he tries to call and he will then know how I feel." LMAO


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