Daily Meme

I want to introduce a new daily meme that I am starting up here today.  It came when I thought of how I have a hard time doing something for just me.  It has always been easier to do for my family, friends or community.  But it is important for me to learn to do something for me.  So I am taking up this challenge. 

I am going to do something for just myself 30 minutes every day.  It does not have to be amazing.  Just something that I enjoy that makes me feel good.  Everyday I will post what it was in my 30 Minutes for Me Today!  It will be posted over there------->  Yeah, in the column right over there. 

I challenge you to also take this up.  For if we learn to take care of ourselves and make us happy then we are able to do better for our family too.  So today's was this.....

I stopped and picked me up a chocolate dipped waffle cone....and ate it all.  Smiling the whole time.  And I did not do this for everyone else.  Nope, just me sitting in the car, relaxing and enjoying my ice cream cone.

So what did you do for you today?


  1. Awww 30 minutes just for me sounds wonderful!!!
    Last night.. I took 30 minutes and soaked in a hot tub... it was wonderful!!!
    Take care... glad you are back!!

  2. An excellent concept, I so wish I had 30 minutes a day for myself. Maybe my lunch break? But even those lately have been dedicated to others. I spent them this week preparing our paperwork for our income tax. Will do the same the rest of the week for my dad. Maybe I can squeeze in 15 minutes for me.

    Hope you had a great day with Miss Emma... and taht your internet gets fix right quick. I'd be furious if I lost mine.

  3. 30 minutes.............I would be asleep. Oh, to get 30 for me! 30 minutes for me would probably be me and the remote watching a show "I" enjoy or me and my book with no other sounds in the house. That would be a lot to ask for.

  4. I used to feel so guilty when I would buy a special treat for myself and no one else, but one day the lightbulb went on and I realized it's not such a bad thing at all. :)


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