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Today I am still having issues with Verizon and this internet that is not working. It is so hit an miss that I feel like I am trying to publish a blog the same way water pours through a sieve.  It doesn't hold anything!  So you bear with me and we will see if I have pulled all of my hair out before this is done.   The last big post (Sunday) only took me 2 1/2 hours to get up all the way!

Verizon has told me that someone may or may not be here today  to fix this.  I am to wait all day for a service technician but they may not need to come out.  So if that makes any sense, I am to be here in case they decide to come?  And that they may or may not have fixed the issue.  As it seems to be working some of the time.  Hummm, maybe that is why I have told them I have intermittent Internet signal.  And they have responded with their seems to be something keeping for signal getting to you all the time?  I don't know.  I call, I talk to a tech in MEXICO, they put me on hold, I wait, it disconnects.....we start again.

So currently you know who is on my shit list!  Now, besides that...................awwwwwwww!

I have two more books today for the girls in my life.  One for College Girl and the other for the Turtle Momma.  First I have to say poor College Girl.  She is so exasperated with me right now.  She has plans on attending the Twilight Convention in Tennessee during her spring break.  I am so glad for her.  But transportation seems to be the issue.  She can not afford two way plane tickets.  Car rental is out since we do not have a credit card to rent one with.  (They want $500 for hold if you use a debit card.)  And I just say no no no no way to a bus.  She is going with a friend who said they would be taking their car and now says no they won't.  And CG's car would never make it to Tennessee.  (Or so I fear!)  So you see the problem.  This was planned on by the friend and I agreed to a road trip. I am not sure of the answer but I know one will come one way or the other.

In the meantime I have a book for my College Girl.  It is Safe Dating for College Women. Perfect right?  Well she is not dating but I am glad for a guidelines that would help her watch for the signals of a healthy and unhealthy relationship.  It is better to be prepared, right?  Daria Dyrness-Olsen is the author and known as America's Safe Dating Coach.  I love that is made in a workbook style so that CG can read and answer the questions there.  It is always easier for her to see the answers and make plans when it is down in her own handwriting.  This is a quick 7 chapter, 85 page book.  So it won't eat up a lot of her time but provide her with plenty to think about.  I also love the back where college students have peer group questions.  I could see this as being a wonderful tool in the dorms for meetings. 

The other book is for my Turtle's Momma.  With her becoming a first time mom and all the questions it brings, I was hoping to give her a lil bit of comfort.  There are so many questions that you have then.  And it all boils down to the delivery at some point.  Gilbert J. Grant M.D. gave us Epidural Without Guilt: Childbirth Without Pain.  I know that there is always the issue of what is best for you and what takes away from the experience.  And I know she will make that decision.  I just want her to know that it is safe if she so chooses to have an Epidural.  I myself do not remember childbirth being so awful, but I did not have a normal delivery either.  Also I have a very high threshold to pain.  Not all do.  I see this as personal choice, not a badge of honor of 'I tuffed it out'.  So I hope this will help my Turtle Momma to answer any questions she has.  And that it helps her make the best decision for herself. 

Sorry folks, no photos today with the issues I am having.  Would be horror to try and ever get those to load!  It has only taken me an hour to get the ready with the internet going up and down.  So wonder how long to get it published?  Thanks Verizon!  DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary copies of these books to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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  1. So sorry you are still dropping connection. Mine is still so slow, but I can get on. I surely do hope they get you up and running today!


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