No Electricity

Hello everyone! This is jenjo3d from Rants and Raves. I have been asked to put up a post for Lynette to let everyone know that due to winter storms in this area they have no electricity at their house. No, the storms didn't knock out the power. The electric company decided it would be a good idea to turn peoples power OFF during the coldest winter we have had in 20 years so that there would not be a power blackout.
Makes perfect sense, right? Unfortunately Lynette and her family have central heat that is electric. So they have had to burn the computer desk for kindling, use all the alcohol in the house as lighter fluid, and crawl inside the oven to stay warm.
Ok, maybe it wasn't quite that bad but they did have to leave to go find someplace the power was still on so they could warm up. Hopefully she will be able to post later on, but if not this is why. Stay warm everyone and best wishes to Lynette and her family.

The photo is of her back yard.  Texas is not suppose to look like this at all!  But you can see, we have been hit with that horrid white stuff.


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  2. Oh No... Thank you so much for updating on Lynette and her family...
    I hope that it was't a gas oven they were crawling in.. ummm cause that could be bad..
    I am so sorry to hear they have lost their electric.. and seriously what was the power company thinking..
    I will be keeping them in my thoughts and prayers..
    Hope they found a nice warm place to go to.. as I know they were already cold yesterday with the heat turned on...

  3. I hope the power is on by now!

  4. How horrible! I thought it was illegal for companies to turn off heat in the winter, but perhaps that's only regulated by state.


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