Time Travel on a Snowy Day

All of this snow, sleet and slush has made perfect reading time.  Currently you  will see Dear Hubby curled up in our lil reading nook with his own book of the moment.  He is tied up with a fantasy book right now.  But next he will be taking over the one I just finished.  A New Birth of Freedom: The Visitor by Robert G. Pielke. It was different yet quite interesting.  I have not read too many books of alternative time line so I was not sure where this would take me.  But it was a good adventure.  I know that I ended up in a place I would have never dreamed of being at. 

Lincoln helped people recognize that all humans possess certain unalienable rights. But will we see that others deserve those rights as well. That time will come on July 3, 1863.  When Edwin Blair opened his valise and projected a 3D image of the Earth on Lincoln's wall and told a fanciful tale about time traveling aliens preparing to land at Gettysburg on July 3rd, the men there were unsure what to believe.  It is unbelievable and still curious.  Next they have to decide do they follow a stranger from no where whom their president supports?  A New Birth of Freedom: The Visitor, is the first book in a new science fiction series that follows the adventures of Edwin Blair.  I am waiting for the next one already. 

I also like a couple of other things here.  First this is an affordable book.  $14.99 for the paperback or better deal is the $7.00 ebook.  Download and read at you leisure.  The other was a different perspective on how we see events.  It was great to get an idea of a time and life that we could never experience.  Robert Pielke has peaked my interest enough to go looking for more.  It has been quite awhile since that has happened with a new author to me.  I do wish to thank Tribute books for this one.  They are kind enough to ship me review copies and to support me as a reviewer.  Now Tribute books has also brought me a new fan favorite.


  1. Nothing better then curling up with a good book on a cold winters day!!! I like to have a big Mug of either Hot Tea or Hot chocolate while I am reading..
    Enjoy your books!
    Keep Warm!

  2. Lenore - I absolutely loved your review - most especially the Dear Hubby pic. Great job!

    Thanks for participating in the blog tour, we're always glad to have you on board. For all those who want to follow along, please visit http://anewbirthoffreedom-thevisitor.blogspot.com/

  3. Hi Lenore,

    I'm so glad I was able to help introduce you to a new, rather odd, genre of writing. Since you know how this first book ends, you know there's more of the same kinds of twists and turns coming in book two and three of the trilogy. I hope to have that available as soon as possible.

    Bob Pielke

  4. How awesome to get a comment from the writer! Nothing makes you feel as good as curling up with a great read and being tranported somewhere else! Dear hubby looks like he was really enjoying his book :)

  5. I hope your hubby gets a chance to read "A NEW BIRTH" too! [That book he's reading looks like a mighty heavy tome!]

    Bob Pielke


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