Weekend Wrap-up

Had a great weekend with the Grandbabes here to visit.  Was a nice surprise too.  Got the call that they were on their way here so we dashed out to get some favorites of theirs.  As always have to have Pink-a-licious.  That is a pink Tampico punch that my Granddaughter loves and renamed.  Also some apples for my Grandson.  Topped it off with a few other nibblies and a couple of toy gifts to play with.  My Granddaughter made straight A's and we wanted her to have a reward.

Here at home we had so much fun.  Played putting on some 'real' make up much to my step daughters dismay.  She says play make up is okay but not real.  I do not see much difference when it is all just to have fun.  Also watched some of our Disney movies on Disney Movies Online.  Every time we get a new Disney movie, I also purchase the online copy at a real low price.  This way it is available where ever we happen to be.  This has come in real handy many times on the road or visiting the kiddos.  My Grandson loved playing with the Mickey Mote that came with Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie's Masquerade.  It is the newest in the Mickey Mote series.  This one is to be released on Febuary 8th, just in time for Valentines day for the girls. Disney’s Mickey Mote works with any Disney Preschool DVD that includes the Discovery Mode™ feature – an interactive “Watch & Play” feature on the DVD. We also enjoyed it with the Handy Mandy DVD that we have.  It is great as he can play games with the show as it airs.  Just the right level for him at 3 yrs old while his big sister played with her DS game.  The Mickey Mote can be used with any Disney Preschool DVD that includes the Discovery Mode feature. To date there are more than 11 titles that can be used with the remote control, just take a look at the back of the package to make sure.

I am really glad that we have another lil extra too.  You see Dear Hubby has been having a hard time sleeping lately.  Well so have I.  But part of it is due to snoring.  You have one of those don't you?  Yeah, and they say they don't snore.  Well?  Don't they?  And of course they do.  But we are trying out something new so that 'Poppy' does not keep us all up at night.  TK (my granddaughter) says it worked great as she slept like a dream.  It is called ZQuiet and comes in this lil dark blue case to keep it clean when not in use.  I did not have to do a lil boiling of water to help make the mouth piece fit like you do with most.  Just popped it in his mouth and let him have a lil time getting use to it being there. Dear Hubby liked that he did not have to clench his teeth to keep it in place but could be comfortable and move his mouth.  This is a real easy fix to snoring.  It just helped hold his lower jaw forward some to open the airway in his throat.  That stopped the snoring.

So what else did we do?  Well we played at the park.  Went to the great grandparents house and took out lunch.  They love seeing the grandbabes just as much as we do.  And it was nice to get to get away from home for a lil while too.  Played lots of cards with my daughters this weekend.  That was really nice as we do not get to do too much with both girls at the same time.  Oh and my step daughter made off with my season 1 DVD of Are We There Yet.  Yeah, she saw I had it and snatched it right up.  Says that is one of her favorite sitcoms.  Also that Ice Cube does a great job producing the show.  Then new season started this month and we are already hooked. Now I am going to have to get me another copy of season 1.  Just like a kiddo to pick up the fun stuff.  HA HA!

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