Fractured Friday

Today is such a mish mash of a day. So I am going to let you see how bouncy my mind works with Fractured Friday.

First off....ta da!  Here is the Turtle I told you about before.  Yes that is my newest grandbabe up there.  And don't he or she look like a turtle to you?  See the head, shell, legs and all!  Here is this easier?

I am so so giddy with the anticipation of this new Grandbabe.

Last night we went to a local cafe to eat.  It was a horrid experience.  I do not know what was wrong with the staff but it was all wrong.  We were the only people in the cafe to eat.  They cooked one persons order at a time and served just that person.  So by the time half had meals the first were done eating.  The steak fingers were steak toes at best.  And nubby at that.  My chicken fried steak was cut in half and cooked half of it.  Then later they cooked the other half and brought that to me.  See this for a meal?  It was about the size of a deck of cards.  And in Texas that just does not fly for a chicken fried steak.

But if you ever want a great chicken fried steak and even better pies and you in Central Texas.  Then pop on over to the Koffee Kup Kafe.  I know I can sit there and have more pie than you could imagine.  And it is only about 45 minutes from our house.  Come on down with us if you wanna.

Koffee Kup Restaurant in Hico is particularly ...Image via Wikipedia

I have been wanting to clean and organize here all week.  But have accomplished absolutely nothing at all.  Well I did get dirty clothes clean, now just to put them all up.  I have plans drawn up to redo the bedroom and living room.  Just need the energy.  Here are some ideas though. has six easy tips to help you cut through the clutter to stay neat and organized in 2011!

Shelf1Image by urbanwild via Flickr

Eliminate Clutter
* The first step is to survey your belongings. Prioritize the areas of your life or home that need the most help and start there.
* Throw out, sell or donate what you don't use and create a system to organize everything you do use on a regular basis.

Tools to Keep You on Track
* For office spaces, file folders and cable organizers will keep your desktop clear so you have room to work.
* In your closets, matching clothes hangers, bins and drawer organizers will keep all your essentials in order. Choose products that have space-saving benefits.

Keep Up the Good Work
Desk and ShelvesImage by Simon Starr via Flickr* Don’t procrastinate. Make sure to maintain your new organization system and keep it updated according to month or season.
* Assign weekly area-specific tasks for each member of the household so you don’t fall behind.

Now if I can just do this myself...really soon.  I know it, but I am tired for some odd reason.  Hey I did get to Curves 4 times this week to work out.  Does that count?

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  1. Congrats! He/She does look like a turtle in the sonogram.

    I have done lots of organizing this month. So much more I want to do though.....must stay motivated!!!

  2. Your New Grandbaby is ADORABLE!!!

  3. Congratulations on your incoming turtle! New babies are so exciting <3

  4. Oh I wish I had the ultra sounds of ben - they had degraded pretty much to nothing :( Didnt know that would happen. So I love seeing these, ah! Brings back memories :)))))

    Adorable! I think only mothers say that you know :)



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