A Book, A Bath & A Glass of Wine

Today is one of those "gosh I am tired and wanna rest but can't" kinda days.  Tell me you have them too.  I know it can not be just me that feels like a worn out ol dish rag.  I am trying hard to get things done but find that by mid afternoon I am so give out that breathing is hard to do.

 I am up early (as usual) and have a bit of the house work done before 7 a.m.  Then I get Dear Hubby ready.  All out the door by 7:30 and at Curves by 8 a.m.  Finally working out again and that part I am loving.  Errands come after that.  But by mid day I feel all tuckered out.

Today I need to work on laundry more and make the bed too.  But I really want to make me up a warm lilac scented bubble bath so I can soak and read.  More so with a glass of chilled white wine.  Who is all two thumbs up with that idea.  Gosh I am sure I would feel much better and smell good too!  I am reading a new book by Xu Xi (yes that is the author's name and it is pronounced Shoo See).  "Habit of a Foreign Sky" is a novel that has me riveted to the pages.   It is about Gail Szeto who is balancing her life right now.  Having had to come to terms of losing her young son to now losing her mother too, life is not holding on to well for this international investment banker.  Trying hard to hold on to some semblance of sanity while everything around her goes all topsy turvy. I am enjoying this read as I so can understand how life seems to be clear one moment and then muddled up next.  We have all been there in one way or the other.  I do have to say I can understand why Xu Xi is a finalist for the Inaugural Man Asian Literary Prize (even though she is a woman).  If you have been in the executive seat before (or currently are) then you will love reading this one.  It brings home the power and responsibilities that fall upon your shoulders.

I am so leaning to that bubble bath.  I mean what the heck, the laundry will always be here tomorrow, right?  I do want to say thanks to Xu Xi for letting me review this book.  I think it is just perfect to help me run away to a different  life for a lil while.  Time to pop the cork and run the water.  Ta Ta for now friends.

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  1. This sounds like a book that I need to read. I never know when so slow down and let stuff go. I have however let the kitchen table go and now I can not seem to find to darn thing.


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