Five Fabulous Bloggers

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I want to share with y'all my top 5 Fabulous Bloggers.  And I hope you will share your favorite 5 with me.  That way I can go and visit and hopefully make some new friends.  So let's jump on in here.

1.   Real Housewives of Oklahoma   Now this is not actually a blogger.  It is a group of 9 bloggers and I think I have fallen in love with them all.  And for this TEXAS gal it is a big across the border thing to admit I so wanna be one of the RHOK!  They have McLinky Monday that I often jump in on.  You can visit them all at RHOK or one at at time on their own blogs.  The ladies are:

2.  My next one if very new to me but jumped way up on my list very quickly.  And that is The Un Mom who happens to be the mother to Captain Dumbass of  Us and Them.  Now what can you not like about those names alone?  But you have to also pop in on Random Tuesday Thoughts that is hosted each week.  I know we are all pretty random most days and are doing all we can to pull it together.  Join in and let all it just fall apart....what freedom.

3.  Never Growing Old has tickled my fancy with her Over 40 Bloggers page.  Now I can meet others who are just like me....getting old and some days cranky even.  But more so we are all experiencing the joys of our grandbabes, getting the house paid off (finally) and knowing that life is really wonderful in the living of it. And there is always Wordless Wednesday to hang with.  For that hump day of the week were we all just ran out of words and still have a great photo to share.

4.  Go and laugh til you pee your pants with The Tame One on Thoughts of an Oxymoron.  There is not a linky or a list or a set thing going on over there.  But there is those head scratching moments of what the heck?  And I know that I have to have time to see what is happening at this blog daily.  You might read about the fact that Taco Bells meat mixture is not all meat (only 35% of it is!) or find that perfect Avon lipstick and even sing along with Jimmy Buffet.  Of course that is just a couple of days worth....but it is always interesting.

5.  My all time favorite...I have told you once and I will tell you again.   Go   Go   Go    visit Tracy at The Crazy Suburban Mom.  Yes....she is my online blogging buddy....and soothes my soul with her Retro Tuesdays and all things 1950.  Jersey may be her state but I have to say she has a heart as big as Texas.  And she also raised a fantastic son, Ben at The Chair Fort.  What more can I say?

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  1. Awww!!Thanks so much for the award!! <3 I do love tiaras and rock and roll!


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