College Girl Keeping It Close

Here is an update from College Girl.  She is back on campus and making sure she is safe with her commute back and for each day.  And she wanted to tell you of her newest lil precaution.  Take it away CG.....

A lot of stories in the news talk about safety concerns at school and my college is no exception. The campus police offer free self-defense courses specifically for women who attend school and/or live in town. There are well-lit parking lots and 24 hour escort services to help you get to your car. I use the escort service a lot since my work in the theater department can keep me at school til after dark. Thanks to my new RackTrap, I have one more measure I can use to keep my ID, money, etc. safe as I walk around campus.

The RackTrap is...well, exactly what it sounds like. I got the blue sports model($9.95 with free shipping), which is made of a moisture-resistant material. About four inches by three inches with a velcro closure, the RackTrap can tuck comfortably into my bra. It's totally invisible and comfortable to wear. One night, I even accidentally slept with it and didn't notice at all. I'm so glad I have the RackTrap to keep my money safe. Whether I'm crossing campus or hitting the clubs, nobody's going to get their hands on my cash or ID without me knowing - for sure!

We wish to thank Rack Trap for sending CG their sports model for her to try out.  I know I am not going to be getting it from her now.  She hates to carry a purse and this is a perfect solution instead of a billfold in the pocket.

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  1. Glad CG goes to all the effort to keep safe... Smart Girl!!! Good JOb!!!
    Good Morning!!! Have a Fantastic Day!!


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