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Today was another run and go day. Up and at 'em for me.  And needless to say I am lagging about now.  So I thought we could visit while I ignore the pile of laundry in the bedroom for 30 more minutes.

My first thing I want to share is I am not crafty.  I want to be.  But think maybe I am just too practical for it.  Really!  You see you have to buy things in order to make crafts.  Special things for just that purpose.  And then you have to figure out what to do with the craft after wards.  Will it be a gift or try to sell it or are they piling up in the tote in the corner.  I still want to be crafty though.  I did attempt to make a tag with my home office products...ha ha.  But entered it in A Crafty Kind of Truffle January Tag Challenge.  Here is what it looks like.  All sorta like me huh?  I had to put in my motto.....There is always time to DANCE...well I got part of it in.  And I made sure my blog name Crazed Mind was there....because I am just that.  Put in a lil pink and tried to make it all bright.  Not the best but dang it....not the worst either.  What do you think?

Barefoot, flowing black skirt, hair down: I lo...Image by colorblindPICASO via Flickr
I want to wear all natural materials.  I wish to have beautiful long straight hair on my rail thin body.  And I want to dance barefoot across the grass at a folk concert.  Hey, I can have my own ideas of what image a crafty person looks like.  Of course I am all wrong.  I have met down to earth women who have made cards that make me beg for them.  I know chubby loves who can crochet a baby blanket to cuddle the happiest child.  And my craftiest friends paint the world across the side of a wall and have me dreaming of warm summer afternoons.

College Girl wishes to start up a scrap book.  I, of course, want to too for the photos of my grandbabes.  One to share with them each when they grow up.  A very long term craft.  I have been looking at Nancy O'Dell's book "Full of Love" that shares her scrap booking talent.  I so wish I could produce the beautiful pages she is showing in this book.  And you know what, I could I bet.  Nancy is telling us what to do is easy steps.  What to look for and just how to do it.

Also Nancy shares many photos of our favorite stars too.  You see she has worked in the entertainment world for a long time.  And made friends with so many of the ones we all ohhh and awwww over.  “As a mother, you have so many hopes and dreams for your children,” Nancy says. “But how will they know what those are if you don’t tell them?”   That is her goal in her Album of Hope Initiative.  Want more?  Well you can also make all of the fab pages online.  Yeah, not cutting, paste or brads to make it look just as beautiful.  Now this is my kinda scrap booking.  Nancy has Creative Memories where there you can find all you need for digital pages.  And for you that are every so crafty then make some money helping others like me.  You can be a consultant for Creative Memories too!  They are making this look easier and easier as I browse through the pages.  I wish to thank Nancy for sending me her book to look over.  It sure is making ideas work up in my head and how I can do them on my budget.  What money saving tips do you have for me on making up a scrapbook?


  1. I have a digital scrapbooking program and I happen to love it!! I am not the cut and paste type of person so this works well for me. Hopefully I will have one done for my daughter from birth to marriage by the time she gets married............if she ever gets married :)

  2. You can save money on scrapbooking with Creative Memories right now! Thru the end of January, coversets and pages and protectors are 20% off. Also, Picfolio slide-in albums and Hardcover StoryBooks are also 20% off. Feel free to message me if you have questions!

  3. very cool site I found through a friend of mine up here in NY...they have photobooks that are created entirely online, as well as a ton of other cool stuff to create with your images!

  4. Oh, how I miss Scrapping. I used to do it all the time. The old fashioned way. But I have very little time anymore. I sold or gave away all of my supplies in the hopes of going digital. Thanks for the post and the links to Creative Memories, I am heading over there right now. I have a years worth of baby pictures to do!

  5. Thank you so much for entering my Tag Challenge, your tag is lovely.
    Helen x


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