Super Saturday

Today was a very full day for us. First we had to help Dear Hubby up and to get a bath and wash his hair.  Now remember neither foot can get wet and he can not put any weight on them at all!  OOOOOHHHH!

Next we had to clean the wounds on all 10 toes.  That took hours to get all the dried on dressings soft and removed.  Then to clean the wounds and redress them.  I pray it will go much easier tomorrow.  Thankfully College Girl and Other Mom were there to lend a helping hand.

Next the In-Laws came by for a visit.  That was nice since they had not seen their son since the surgery.  They feel much better seeing he is doing fine.  Of course College Girl gave the a sight of all the pics she took of us cleaning up Dear Hubby's wounds.  She has the photos for her theater make-up morgue.   She says she is going to do a blog about them.  EWWWW!  We will see.

There was the local Lighted Christmas Parade on our town square.  We did not get to go, but Princess Emma and the great Nieces did.  Lucky us though, the local 4-H club came by on horse back and sang Christmas carols to us.  That was really really nice!  After such a full day Dear Hubby needed to rest.  So we hooked up College Girls new Blu-Ray CD player (her Christmas gift to herself) and put on movies.  Disney out did themselves for us last night.

The first movie was Oceans.  Oh I wish there were words....but alas, I do not know how to say how beautiful this show was.  Dear Hubby was enthralled.  He so misses the ocean from being an ol Navy guy.  The magnitude of color and design that is found in nature is amazing.  And then seeing the size of some of the whales made me feel so much pain to think of losing them.  Schools of fish creating a whirlwind under the water, beautiful.  I have to say, this is a movie all the family can be mesmerized by. 

Our next show was also by Disney.  It was my personal choice.  The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos.  It was also on Blu-Ray. 
Now I am a fan of all things PINK, that we know.  So your not surprised to know this is a bird I find The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos                         Image via Wikipediaattractive.  But I found out how hard they fight for life.  And the secret to how they become PINK.  Living life from a island made of salt to extreme heat to migration to the secret lake and on to flight.  This was a story line that had me amazed.  And even more the behind the scene story of how they filmed this show.  WOW!  Dedication way beyond what I could imagine would be humanly possible.  I have to say that once again Disney has out done themselves on their Nature films. 

College Girl is already begging for Big Cats that is coming up.  She loves the beauties.  I know that by the end of the evening Dear Hubby was relaxed and ready for his sleep.  I hope you get to have some nice nights like these.  Where you can unwind and see how beautiful this world that we live in really is.  I do wish to say thank you so much to Disney and Click Communications for going out of their way to get these two movies to me.  I was begging to see them.  Of course they did not let me down and made me a happy gal!

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