It has been a busy week around here. And with Dear Hubby working so hard on mastering the remote control....well let's say that I am going to be even busier.

Now I do the house work around here all the time. Some days it feels like all I do is housework. Mine and for others too! The other day it really got to me and I ended up in my own lil pitty party. Sad to say, no one joined me. Now if I had had a proper cocktail pitty party then I may have had some takers. But no, instead I had to put on my big girl panties and get to work. I think I am going to start a club....the big girl pantie club. You know one that has the motto "No G-Strings Allowed!" It does help to have the proper tools to clean with. I told you, ok, gushed about my Libman Freedom Spray Mop that I had one. Well, I loved it so much I had gone on the search for more Libman products to win. Hey, that is the way I afford some things. Needless to say.....I did just that. I won a Libman Precision Angle broom and dustpan at The Crazy Suburban Mom, Thanks Tracy and Libman!  BTW, Libman is doing a $500 Target Gift Card with their Money Mop Up on Face Book....just have to like them....might wanna try and get that.  I know I am trying! 
Well the broom works great too.  I have 5 dogs and tons of dog hair to sweep up every day.  I tease that I am a June Cleaver (wish I had her shape) and want to clean house in my pearls and heels.  Well it is easier to do if the tools actually do most of the work for you.  How is this for a one room clean sweep?  Yeah!  That was just the living room and the one area rug.  What a mess!

What else is going on?  Well we had Princess Emma here the day Dear Hubby came home from his surgery.  Of course he was so worried that she might bump into his feet.  So we needed her to stay occupied with other things.  Sure we did the coloring and all, but it is chilly outside and she is prone to ear aches so we had to stay inside.  But I am telling you Princess Emma did not move once while we were watching the PBS Kids Dinosaur Train, Dinosaurs in the Snow DVD.  I love this show, I think as much as Princess Emma. “Cretaceous Conifers” will broadcast on December 8, 12, 20, and 24 (check local listings).  It also helped that the DVD had coloring pages, interactive games and a dinosaur reference guide too!  With the 8 shows on this one we were able to while away a lil time and let Dear Hubby rest on the couch.  I am giving this copy of Dinosaur Train to Princess Emma since she seemed to love it so much!  And for you....go see the Dinosaur Train GeoCache program.  It is a great new adventure game that you can do with your kids. BTW, Thanks so to PBS Kids for sharing this DVD with me!

What else to tell you.  Well I have my Hershey's Pot of Gold candy here.  They were sweet to send it to me.  Last night all of us were enjoying the truffles so very much!  I do not know if I have a favorite yet.  I think I will wait til I get to the bottom of the box to decided!  Oh, and College Girl always wanted to tattoo Dear Hubby's chest.  She is worried that he may need it in case of an emergency.  Since he has a pace maker it makes a change in the way they use those paddles for a heart attack.  And with the pig values there they need to know that too.  So she drew it off on him.
I do not know if you can see it well....but it has place paddle here and paddle here in the circles.  And on the upper left of his arm is an arrow that says pacemaker and pig value.  Think that would work?    Oh and since he can not move around it is going to be hard to wash his hair.  Oh the joys of learning how to care for a bed ridden person.  So Princess Emma's mom was kind enough to fix Dear Hubby's hair.  Doesn't he have a lovely french braid now?

Oh and if this is not enough....go read about Eddie the Fish.....we all was laughing so hard.  Poor Dear Hubby could not go pee.....urnial time.....EWWWWW!


  1. Your dustpan of black fur looks really familiar...

  2. I'm so behind on reading - but yes. The broom -- that's something isn't it? I've found the floors cleaner because of it and not just because it works so well but it's just so easy to use. Easier then hauling out the vacuum - I have to think, is my son asleep will he complain about the noise. And is the floor wet, the vacuum can't do wet at all. And is it going to suck up something too big for the hose and then I will have to take it apart...etc

    Honestly by that time I could have swept the floor :)

    Im so glad you won it!



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