Toy Story is Back and Better than Ever!

Today is the day! One that College Girl (and the rest of us too!) has been waiting for.  Today.....Yes, Toy Story 3 has been released.  You are a Toy Story fan, right?

Well we love this show.  It is one of our families top favorites.  I know it is meant for kids but has such amazing adult humor too that it is really one of the all time family movies.  And we all know that toys are know...they come to life.  Mine did in my mind as a child.  Didn't yours?
Add in all the ways you can have fun with the story line.  Weather it be from the activity pages that are available to the actual toys that are now on the market.  I saw quite a few Halloween costumes this year from Toy Story.
Of course we had to watch all of the bonus features too.  You know that they have some great shorts on there always.  You need to see the Pixar short "Day & Night".   I love all the humor and thought that goes into these shorts.  Don't you?  The movie is in a combo pack of Blu-Ray and DVD so you can watch it on which ever play you own.  Beside the bonus feature of Day & Night you also have stories from the studios, interviews with the actors and tales on how a new place is created.  The Blu-Ray disc has extras in trivia games, commentaries and insights on how new scenes are developed.  I have found it all very educational especially since we now look at behind the scenes more with College Girl's theater classes. 
So what is my favorite part of Toy Story 3 without giving it all away?  It has to be the ending.  It had Dear, College Girl and I all leaking tears.  We so connected to the fun and love we all had for our toys when we were children.  And more so that there is a part of us that never really wants to give up playing.  Gosh I know that I still find ways to play.  Weather it be coloring with Princess Emma or bowling on the Wii.  Playtime is important for all of us.  What is your favorite toy today?  
Make sure to also check out Toy Story 3's Face Book page for more fun.   I wish to thank Disney and Pixar for sending me the combo pack of Toy Story 3 in Blu-Ray and DVD. 


  1. LOVE Toy Story!!!! Nothing is better than these three movies. My son grew up on that first one-he was a great fan of Buzz and Woody and the gang.

    We both cried big tears during this latest sad, and sweet, but sad!!!!

  2. We have a Toy Story computer game that Skyler still likes!

  3. It's finally out! Can't wait to get it since we didn't get a chance to see it in the theatre.


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