Helping Granny M

Well the Yucky Bug has hit our house.  We are all feeling a bit under the weather.  But I hate it when it hits Granny M.  She is all bundled up in her granny gown (honestly), house slippers and been hiding in bed quite a bit.  I coaxed her out this morning with the promise of hot tea.  I fixed her Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Wellness tea.  She loves the warmth and flavor of this one.  And I was hoping it would help her rest later.  Also the warm tea may help her chest cold too.  Hot tea is one of Granny M's indulgences.  We get her all different kinds of flavors.  She loves her lil piece meal tea set too.  The lil creamer is to represent her doggie Penny Bright, her lab she inherited from my Dad.  The sugar is like a lil dutch mill. And her spoon rest is right out of the 50's and says "I will hold your tea bag."  We found the tea pitcher and cup at lil sales.  It is all on a bright striped tray.  One day I will find her the right lil tray to go with all of this.  (Tracy you can keep your eyes out for something too!)  
I have looked for lil things to help out Granny M.   She loves her word find books and we pick them up for her often.  And of course we all know that she adores caring for her plants.  They take over the front porch during the warm weather.  In the winter they cover our house.  Almost time to bring them in too.  Whew!
But I did find her a nice lil gem to help her out.  It is a magnetic jewelry clasp.   This makes it so much easier for her to be able to change out her necklaces for church and all.  The Hercules Magnetic Jewelry Clasp is hard to take apart horizontally so it will not just pull off.  Instead it has a lil puzzle design so you take it apart vertically instead.  And the magnet is strong so it does not just come apart either.  Granny M loves that we have two, one in silver and one in gold.  She can use them for almost all of her necklaces.  It does not work with barrel clasp.  Oh and at only $5.00 a clasp they are well worth the cost.
Other ways to help her out?  Well we provide most of her meals.  She very seldom has to fix anything for herself.  I do all the housework, except her room.  She likes to keep rule of that area.  Dear brings her sodas (she is a Coke fanatic) on his way in from work pretty often.   And of course she has the use of the car to go to her daily outings of tea with friends and card games in the evenings.  But I think today she is just going to stay bundled up in bed and rest.

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