So So So Relaxed

I told you about the Wii party. And that we were dancing and moving all around in there. And I mentioned The Girls Yoga Pants. And that they are the best pants ever. You saw that right? Thought so.
Well, I am going to tell you a lil more.....I was not lying. These are comfortable with a big ol' Capital C!   I want like 6 more pair of them.  Dear Hubby said my butt looked really good in them.  And he gave me that look....yeah that one.  Whew!  Now I am a big ol gal but it still feels amazing when I get that look.  Oh, did I say I can move in them without any binding anywhere?  Well I could.  Bend, stretch and even high kick.  Yeah, I did a few.  You need to check The Girls out because it will be my newest splurge.  Thanks so ladies for sending me these amazing pants.  I really do want you need my size?  Ha, Ha!
Now on to other things of the day.  Sunday in the Metroplex with my two best friends for all my life.  I met Porter when we were 10 years old.  Have been life long friends ever since.  I so love her, her quiet and calm, her amazing inner strength and ability to really stick to a diet.  Oh how I wish I had that trait.  Porter makes me smile in my heart.  My other girl is the best dessert cook ever, ever, ever.  I mean she is total indulgence in this tiny thin body.  Amazes me.  She eats healthy and all but oh knows how to enjoy the good life in small doses.  Heck who can not love a lady who server ganache with her coffee?   Well Sunday the three of us, Dear Hubby and a long time good looking friend (we miss you Alan) all went over to the Dallas Museum of Art to see the Mourners.  Amazing sculptures that make you so so so want to touch them.
Sadly we had to eventually head back to reality and home.  A long drive but one that always has Dear Hubby and I laughing, holding hands and just renewing time together.  It is so nice to have times like this where we just get to be us, together, alone...even if it is in the car.  I was so relaxed after a weekend out of town.  Thankfully when we arrived home all was pretty well taken care of.  The dogs were thrilled to see us.  Tails wagging, jumping up and down, drooling all over the place.  I am so thankful for these amazing pets.  They love me so just because I feed them and pet them.  Oh, that reminds me....did you know that Santa Paws is coming out this year?  It is one of Disney's Christmas movies this year.  I was thinking about getting it for the Grandbabes.  What do you think?  With all the dogs around here they know that we adore pets.

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