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Today I am tired.  Exhausted actually.  Shoulders can not hold up to much more.  Coffee can not revive me either.  I have not felt this tired since College Girl was a Diaper Baby.  Many many years ago to be exact. 

I remember those days.  Of up walking her while she cried and whimpered.  She was so small and so sensitive to everything.  Her skin so delicate and chapped if you looked at her wrong.  My Diaper Baby was born 3 months early and really was quite sensitive.  She was also very very very small at just 2 pounds.  So we had to use cloth diapers that had been cut into fourths to fit her.  Sadly every time she had to potty her skin would turn a bright red and soon she was chapped from knees to tummy.  Of course that was just a hands width at best. 

I tried powders and oils and ointments to no avail.  I even used cream meant for horses and cows.  Thankfully my mom in law of the time was able to fly in for the rescue.  She brought me some Boudreaux's Butt Paste to help ease a lil ladies pain.  Oh my goodness was that the answer.  I wiped the lil lady down and soon she began to clear up and look lily white again.  I was so glad.  My baby was happy and I was not up all the time crying right along side of her. 

BTW if you go and visit Boudreaux's Butt Paste,  you can get a free sample sent to you.  Maybe you won't have to go through the learning curve I had too. 

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  1. i love buttpaste. i don't know what's in it butt it's way better than a&d or desitin. my herd of turtles loved on it for a while when the rotavirus paid our family a visit and boy did it save our butts. besides how can you not love a product that has BUTT in it's name. :)


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