Unexpected Delay in Life

It has been a heck of a week. Sitting in hospital waiting rooms and expecting all will be fine. Not worried as it is simple repair work. That is til...yeah that other shoe drops. I hate this time period.  Many of you follow me with twitter and facebook and know that I am sitting her praying for Dear Hubby.  And I so thank you for those prayers and all the support you give.   Now for the rest here is the catch up.

Dear Hubby has a pacemaker (along with a laundry list of repair parts and surgeries) that needed the lead to be replanted.  It had come undone.  Not common but OK, things happen.  A simple open up and fix case that should take 30 minutes.  3 hours later he is closed up and having to look at some other ideas.  It seems that Dear Hubby has so much scar tissue on his hear they could not find a soft spot to place a new lead.  The old one would not release either.  So over night stay and doing it all over again in the morning.

This is his heart surgeon and medtronic rep looking things over.  A team who are not to proud to be on their knees at all!  After trying all night to figure out a different approach they are in the same position as before.  So just open up and start all over again.  They both told us how they prayed over the situation.  I am a firm believer that Doctors are strong prayer warriors.  They see miracles all the time.  Currently they are in looking at Dear Hubby and trying to find that one spot that will work.  Wait, there is the phone now.....

Cover of Cover via AmazonYES!  They did find it.  Just the 30 minutes today to do what was needed.  The Doctor said that it was an oddball place to put it.  But it works and the pacemaker seems to be responding quite well.  Thank God!  So closing him up and will have him up in a room in just a moment.  I will be waiting up there when he is done.  Now is time to keep waiting.  Funny as I have been reading a book by a doctor right now.  Chauncey W. Crandall IV, MD is a cardiologist.  Yeah, can you believe it.  And this man believes in miracles.  Let me tell you more while I am waiting on Dear Hubby to make it out of recovery.

In Raising the Dead, Dr.  Crandall tells how he has seen God at work.  That he feels power and guidance as he has preformed surgeries time and time again.  And better yet, he has looked into the eyes of patients to see life well up inside of them as they have literally been brought back from the dead.  I have to thank PJ of PJ's Prayer Line for this book.  I won it in a blog review and it is really something that is helping me right now. Hey, Dear Hubby is going back to his room now.  I will post a photo on here of him too...just let me get up there and see how he is doing.
Here he is.  Bruised up but back in one piece.  Do you see the fingertip marks on the bottom right.  Yeah they did quite a bit of pushing the other day.  Dear Hubby woke before the 3 hours was over and felt that pushing as they put the pacemaker back in.  Did some stitches and glued him up.  Today he is closed once again but feeling better already.  He said so!  Amen!  And again thanks to all of the support I have had through my online family and friends.  It really helped me.

"Take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly, and try another. But by all means, try something."
-Franklin D. Roosevelt


  1. Hey Kiddo! I'm so glad to hear yu and hubby are doing ok! I pray for you also, because I've been there when the love of my life lay on an operating table and life is in limbo. I did this when my hubby had a heart attack and it was the hardest thing I had ever been through. All I could do was pray. I've always been the type of person that needs to do something, have some sort of control, and all I could do was sit in the waiting room and plead with God to allow him to stay with me. Anyway, I'm so glad all turned out ok! I'm glad you like the book, I did also. I wish I had as much faith as he does. After all, faith can move mountains. God Bless

  2. Oh boy. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to come by for a visit. I appreciate your recent visit to my blog. I really do.

    I am glad it went well for your Hubby. I can't imagine the helplessness you must feel in a situation like that. I pray I never have to do it.

    Sending good vibes for his and yours continued health.

    I have added you to my reader. I shall return!


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