A Country Gentleman

Before I moved to my little community I lived in the metroplex.  We were on the outskirts of the city but had all the extras, bells and whistles at close range.  I loved it!  I miss it.
But as time has passed I begin to see some of the similarities between my two homes.  I have the country life in both while living in "town".  There is a tight community with flourishing churches, great volunteer groups and some amazing characters.  One of the characters I miss the most is Lord Byron Nelson.  He was a quite member of our community while still leaving quite an impact on so many.
Byron and his wife Kathy had a lil ranch just on the edge of town.  There they enjoyed retired life from the PGA tours but still kept their hands in the game.  Byron hosted the HP Byron Nelson Championship in Las Colinas every year.  That was a hugh tournament.  But not too many knew of the lil benefit golf tournament that was held in Trophy Club each year too.  That was to raise funds to help out our local Meals on Wheels program.  Without all the big fan fair and ta-do, Byron would help side by side with volunteers to make this fund raiser a wonderful event.  I remember that Kathy and her sister-in-law would be available to lend a helping hand.  Often donating not only their time, helping serve lunches and donating to be auctioned off.  (Byron's sister is a very good artist.)
I have been able to learn more about this philanthropist from the book his wife has written.  "Life with Lord Byron" an ode to the man Kathy  met in 1981 and later became her husband. Byron Nelson died in 2006.  This couple had a beautiful relationship that started when Kathy wrote a fan letter to Byron.  From their first kiss til the day Kathy said goodbye to her husband,  their life was filled with love and respect.  Reading this autobiography is like peeking into a romantic life.  Filled with travel, meeting people from all over the world and learning that no matter where you are at your personality always shows your character.  Thank goodness I was one of the few quiet folks that had a chance to see the amazing character of Lord Byron Nelson. 

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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