My Personal Gift

 Every year I make sure to treat myself to a Christmas gift.  Yes, it may sound selfish but I feel that we need to treat ourselves too.  If I am going to go crazy getting gifts for all kinds of people (and I mean that) then why not think of myself too.  After all I know me better than anyone else does.  Now it is not amazing expensive gifts.  But instead a gift that I know I will treasure and helps me grow in some way.  

I have given myself the gift of Curves to work out.  Even given me a stuffed animal when I knew I really needed something soft and cuddly to hold on too.  I have given myself gifts for Christmas for all of my adult life.  Well I found my gift this year.  It is just for me.  (Not that it would not be great for others...but this is my selfish part.)  I battle with depression and part of that is a low self esteem.  I try to put a big bold front up.  Making people think I am brave and out going and larger than life.  But it hides much of what I feel and fear inside.  Now I can let that out.  And feel less stress and tension from those feelings.  I bet it will help me grow to.  You let it out and hear what I have to say for myself. 

 Loving Yourself is a diary that is perfect for women of all ages that allow them to reconnect with their inner self by reflecting on things that are sometimes dismissed during hectic days.  “In today’s culture, there is an overemphasis upon the outer package and not enough on self esteem, self respect, and self confidence,” says Sagal Omar, Founder of Inspirational Diaries.  “We need to offer women and young adolescents a vehicle to empower themselves by reconnecting with who they are from the inside.” 

Loving Yourself diary begins with an introduction on how to love yourself.  Each day in the diary then displays a daily question, along with a powerful quote which is designed to move you to a joyful and fulfilling life. The diary questions how you have cared for your body and spirit as well as focusing on what you are grateful for, how you can help others, and making each day better than the next.  Each month follows a different quote theme.

January - Loving Yourself
February - Gratitude
March - Giving
April - Faith
May - Dreams
June - Health
July - Joy & Happiness
August - Growing
September - Fun & Pleasure
October - Being the Best You Can Be!
November - Family & Friends
December - Love & Romance

For those who are tech-savvy and would rather journal online, Loving Yourself is also available in digital format.  Offering the same unique and inviting capabilities as the original, the online version helps people connect and explore their inner self from any location.  Each user has instant access to their online diary by visiting the Web site and using their login and password to sign in.  Additionally, the history of every entry is saved and able to be referred to at any time.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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