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Georgie over at Decisionally Challenged put up her McLinky Monday challenge question.  One that makes me do the full body shudder.  It has to do with Christmas Decorations.  This is a personal downfall area for me.  The original grinch I am...or so I feel most of the time.

The question is:  "So tell me how much decorating do you do?"   or put better by RHOK star  Mrs. Edwards..."Are you an early bird or late to the party? Do you have a traditional day that things get put up or are you just a go-with-the-flow kind of person?"  

I am not a holiday kinda gal.  I like holidays simple and quiet.  Why?  Well I was raised in a large family.  Granny M (aka my mom) loved the holidays.  She decorated everything and in every room.  Me being the baby of the family...saw this year after year after year.  The day after Thanksgiving til right after New Years Eve it was Christmas in our house.  And that took lots of work to get done.  All the boxes, decorations being put up, cleaning as you go....til finally after 12 or more hours of hard labor you had all the razzle dazzle of the holiday.  The only thing was it did not make me feel happy or joyful or even excited.  It made me feel tired and dreading the putting up of all of the decorations.  

Also large holidays in large families means large meals.  Expensive time consuming meals.  Thanksgiving this year had 20 people at the tables.  A whole 12 hours of non stop cooking by College Girl and I.  And tons of preparing, cleaning, setting up and tearing down.  All for a meal that I did not get to visit with 1/3 of the people very well.  I love my family and extended family very much.  But gosh, in mass it is overwhelming.  Am I the only person like this?   Maybe having only had one child and a ex hubby who worked every holiday spoiled me too.  With me and my now College Girl we could have holidays as our special time for just us.  Eating finger foods that we normally did not get to have.  Watching movies while painting our nails and toes.  Wonderful afternoon naps cuddled together like a mommy and daughter can enjoy.  Enjoying an afternoon walk with the dogs while we talked about the ideas floating in our head.  Just 'us' time.  

This year Dear Hubby is having another foot surgery at the beginning of December.  I have informed all the big meal here.  No big holiday thing here.  No big celebration here.  This will be a calm quiet home while he is recuperating.  He will be laid up for 3 to 4 weeks healing.  If folks wanna bring a dessert and have coffee and visit.  Great!  If friends wanna share a drink and play some Wii or watch a movie...fantastic.  But if you want me to bust my ass to fix you a big ol meal while your sitting on way....this mom is taking her time out.  And going to enjoy the peace and quiet with her husband. 

I guess this is not what most people expected....dang it.....I love the idea of Christmas.  Just want a quiet one this time around.  How do you feel?

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  1. peace and quiet sounds divine!!! so glad you joined us this week

  2. I'm decorated inside and out but not for any holiday for Christmas. We do some indoor Easter stuff, pumpkins for Halloween but nothing crazy. Christmas is a different story. I'm a fan!!

  3. A quiet Christmas with fun finger foods and hanging out sounds nice! I know it can be a lot of work to get all the Christmas decorations out -I'm still working on mine -but, I also love looking at everything when it's all done :)

  4. Thanks for linking up this morning! I understand the craziness of decorating every room. My mom has always done the same thing. Crazy thing is that it rubbed right off on me. I love to decorate every room...even the bathrooms!

    Mrs. Edwards

  5. LOL! I think you almost have me convinced to not do a thing this holiday.

    If I didn't have young kids I'd be all over it. Ha! I'm sure they'd need even more therapy if I didn't put up a tree.

    I'm so glad you linked up with us over at The RHOK today!!

    I'm Mrs. Albright on The RHOK and Dawn from Dawn's Diversions.

  6. Hey Kiddo! I linked to your blog from Blog Frog. A blogger friend(she goes by Katlupe of Homesteading on the Internet (well, I don't guess that's gonna work.) I was going to link you to her blog, but I can't link on here, was asking advice on Advertising, and you are the first person I thought of that does a lot of advertising. Sorry you had such a rough Thanksgiving. Hubby and I went over to my sister-in-law's and brother-in-law's house on Thanksgiving Day. It was pretty nice. Good food (she fixed sausage dressing which I had never had before and it's really good!), and an intmate amount of people. Me, hubby, my sister-in-law, her son and his family. In total about 7 people. Saturday was a DIFFERENT story. My mother-in-law decided she wanted to have "Thankgiving on Saturday so all the "boys" could come over and work on getting big limbs and leaves out of her yard, and one fixed her dishwasher! I enjoyed talking to a sister-in-law that I don't get to see very often, but that was the only enjoyable part. I didn't care for the food, (I'm way too picky my hubby says). I like my own cooking. Therefore, I informed hubby that for Christmas I don't care who does what, but I'm staying home and cooking my own Christmas Dinner, turkey, dressing, bloccli casserole, greenbean casserole, mash potatoes, yams, and Hawaiian rolls. If anyone wants to come eat they're welcome, but I'm not going anywhere else to eat. I'm tired of settling for food that I don't care for. I know that sounds terrible, but in 25 years, I haven't got to cook my dressing and turkey very often, because "mom" likes to fix that. Well this year it's gonna be different.
    LOL! Well, now that your eyes are blurry, I'll quit talking!
    Love ya !

  7. It sounds like you need a simple, quiet Christmas! Hope your hubby's foot is ok.
    I do the whole Christmas thing with lots of decorations too and I'm wanting to par it down a little bit for next year (the kids and hubby talked me into going all out again this year).

  8. Sounds like you need a break! I love your honesty.
    I love cooking for a group but I'm always exhausted afterwards.

  9. Oh that poor guy honey! Another foot! Good thing he only has the one more! Sheesh....


  10. I hear ya on a quiet holiday. We had one last year and it was so nice. This year though, as we have room again for a tree and company we are hosting.


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