Money is Green

I am always looking for ways to live life for the better of my family and my community.  I know that the "Green" band wagon is something that many people think is all hype.  HONESTLY!  But I see it as something else. No not a tree hugging lifestyle but instead a frugal way to live.  I like to look at ways I can make the few dollars that make it to our house to stay at our house for a lil while.

And a few ways to do just that are to be "green".  I am happy to have Your Green Abode: A Practical Guide to a Sustainable Home by Tara Rae Miner to give me some ideas and tips. 
Your Green Abode is for real people who want easy-to-understand choices that make their homes a little more earth-friendlywithout signing off on a second mortgage. Now that I can go with.  I am all for reducing my energy bills, going easy on the water and even planting a garden.  Things we all can benefit from with out a real discomfort to our lives.  Many are old fashion common sense ideas like repairing instead of replacing.  So many of us today are into the ease of something instead of the best way to make our money and life stretch.  Now I know our home needs insulation really bad.  Oh how it does.  And that on our lil budget it is just not happening soon.  But I also know that I can do small things to help.  Close off unused rooms, keep lights off when not in use, rugs on floors to help keep us warmer, even those cute draft shields for under the doors.  Easy, inexpensive and actually works too.  I know I am going to beg for the use of a vacuum today so I can do just some of those ideas.  Actually sitting here freezing my lil tookus off and am looking up ways to get my house warmer very quickly.  
But another lil thing that is green in one way and safe in another is my new pomegranate passion flameless LED candle by Enjoy.   Green?  Well I don't have to buy new candles all the time. idea on this one.  You can set a 4 hour timer for the candle.  Turns on at same time and turns off after 4 hours automatically.  Pretty cool.  I love that I do not have to have an open flame since I am a lil scared.  Had a house fire years ago and not too cool with open fire in my house now.  Also this is great for dorm rooms since they can not have candles in there either.  (Yes the fire issue.)  I love the soft scent it gives off too. 

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book & candle to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided. 


  1. I think there are little things we can all do to be a little more green...I will have to check out this book...

  2. And now I want the books and the candles. Great stuff.

  3. Hey Kiddo! Pretty neat stuff! Yes, I'm finally back among the blog-living. This past week-end was a blur. Since last Thursday, I have been really busy with our church fundraiser. I got overly tired so I spent Saturday and Sunday playing catch-up on my sleep. Anyway, I did want to thank you for your comments. I'm glad you participated in the Bible challenge! I wish I could figure out a way to make a contest out of it and get more people interested in participating. Sometimes people can learn more from doing these kinds of things than they can just reading. Anyway, it makes me feel good that you participated. Also, if Thursday would be good for you, I could pick up the cans on that day. I have a house to clean on Tuesday and also one on Wednesday. Usually by the time I finish cleaning the houses, I'm so tired I aim the car in the general direction, and it finds it's way home! LOL! You are so sweet and such an awesome friend. Thank you for being you. By the way, do you know how to do glitter-text? I downloaded Glitter-Fly, but it says to up-load the image and I'm trying to "glitterize" one statement which isn't an uploadable image. Any suggestions?

    God Bless,


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