Just For Fun

Yeah some have their rich clothes and their la-tee-da things but I have comfort.  Plain and simple.  And with cold weather I am looking for warmth too.  I am a cold woosie!  So here are my winter must haves.

  • A Comfy T-Shirt (prefer pink)
  • The Girls yoga pants (these are the BOMB in comfort)
  • my pink plaid tennis shoes
  • A warm wrap around robe (gotta be big!)
  • Soft warm house shoes
  • The ever present cup of Coffee (never ending-always filled)
  • AND of course our computers to stay in touch with everyone in Blogland!

So what are your must haves?  What keeps you going in the winter when the blahs and the ho-hums hit?  Are you a cheerful bear or a grumpy bear?  Do you love the holidays?  Do you wanna hide under a rock?  
Whatever you enjoy, I do pray that you are blessed.  With family and friends and pets and health and an unending supply of coffee.


  1. Hot tea or coffee for sure.
    iPod or at least the radio.
    My laptop.
    GAP sweater boot slippers from last year.
    flannel PJ pants and a hoodie.
    The laptop
    the Nook or a book

  2. Ooo, I must have my Candies slippers from Kohls and my Bierderlack blankie and either a computer or a good book.


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