I learn a lot with my College Girl.  She is the one in college but I am always getting an education through her.  The latest has been with all that it takes for the actors to get ready for a play.  I mean I can imagine what is going on in the dressing room.  We have all seen the scenes in movies.  The changing of clothes, putting on tons of make up and hair being fixed up.  But I never thought of all the lil things they have to do to look just right on stage.

I have found out that they thread, extend, push up, shape up and warm up in many ways.  There is first the facial threading.  That sounds horrid.  But it is not what it seems.  Instead they use Kymaro Rollaway Facial Threader to help get rid of unwanted facial hair.  OMG, I so know this feeling as I age.  By this way they are not having to wax, tweeze or pluck hair and make their face all red and puffy.  But with a spring they can have several errant hairs gone in a wisk.  Pretty good idea.  And they glamour up their eyes with eyelash extension kits.  Instead of full sets of false eyelashes they can apply just the few they need one lash at a time.  It is easy with their Kymaro Glamour Eyes Eyelash Extension Kit.  This way they put the length they need at the spot that it is needed for just that show.  And I thought all those girls just had beautiful eyelashes naturally.  That rosy warm skin is not just from the lighting either.  Instead they have the Kymaro Sunless tanning system to create that healthy tan without having to do damage to their skin.  Smart kiddos, guess that is why they are in college and I am not.  It is a simple 3 step process and a warm blush is achieved.

Oh and those beautiful shapes.  I know they are young and firm but they are fooling us too!  They have the Kymaro Bust Up Cups to achieve that 'healthy' boost to the bust line.  College Girl loves these.  Makes her small B cup up to a nice looking C in a second.  And to fit into those costumes they use the Kymaro New Body Shaper.  It creates a nice smooth body line so the outfits look custom made for each actress.  There is one larger girl that always has my attention.  She is always so full of confidence and never seems body conscious.  I am full of envy for that.  Now I know she has an extra lil help that makes it that much easier for her.  Good going!

So now I know the back stage dressing room secrets, I think I will be seeing if I can get my own lil act going on here.  What do you think the Dear Hubby will think?  Wink Wink!

DISCLOSURE:  We were blessed to have all of these items donated to us to review.  And the theater department was excited to put every one of them to use.  No money was donated.

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