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My feet hurt.  They hurt when I get out of bed.  They hurt as I walk.  They hurt when I sit and rub them.  They hurt when I am back in bed for the night.  Why? 

Well they are dry and sore from the colder temps.  It is dry here.  And I have cheap tile floors without any thing to buffer the cold coming up from under the house.  I tend to run around all day in stocking feet.  So my feet dry out really fast.  Add that to the weight I carry and gosh if I am not looking for a problem.  I know this but still hate to wear shoes all the time.  Makes my feet feel even heavier with them on. 

I have used other lotions.  They provide me with some comfort.  But it seems that I can now dose them with Carmex® Healing Lotion and Carmex® Healing Cream and put on my socks.  Then they seem to feel better.  It is like a mini foot spa treatment for me.  The massage feels great when I am rubbing in the lotion.  Soft fluffy socks keep my feet warm.  And Dear Hubby is making me run around with my house shoes on too.  At least I am not having cold feet this way.  I found  Carmex® Healing Lotion and Carmex® Healing Cream at Walgreens for just $5.99 so that was a good deal.  I love that now my feet feel as good as my lips to with Carmex on them.  BTW you can find Carmex on Facebook where you able to LIKE them there!

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