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 Last year for Christmas I received a day at a time calender.  The good part of this was that each day was a different origami art work.  And I could use the pages of the previous day to make my origami work.  This was so neat as I had something interesting to do every day.  I learned a new art form.  And it showed the thought that was given in a give for me.

I love sharing original gifts in my gift guide.  Also affordable ones too!  So for my crafty friends and especially those who have interesting ways to look at the world I give you World's Best Origami by Nick Robinson.  This is a easy to follow book to making over 100 different origami art pieces.  This book starts with the basic forms and even has my personal favorite, the Penguin.  I can imagine you know that person who has everything, well bet they don't have this.

Fortunes of StateImage by ToastyKen via Flickr
If you would like to teach you kiddo a lil on this art form then you may want to start with the grade school classic of the Fortune Teller.   You remember this one right?  Pick a number and pick a color to get the answer to your question.  Your kiddos will have you helping out with this one just a time or two.  Then they will be answering all your questions with it. 

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  1. 1,000 posts, you go girl!

    Those origami things always look so difficult to do.


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