Adoption Brings Friends Together

I was very lucky to have met a lady online named Kim. It was a odd chance thing. You see I took a photo several years ago of a grove of oak trees after a light snow.  The Texas bluebonnets were poking up through the snow.  It was something I was so lucky to have caught.  I placed it on my blog and on facebook. 

Some time after that I was surprised to see the same picture as someone else's profile photo on facebook.  I sent her a message inquiring on how she found it.  Well after a few messages with me telling her to please use it if she wanted, we started a new friendship.  It was so odd and chance.  She was from Missouri and had recently moved to Texas.  As a matter of fact she had moved to Comanche Texas.  Now if you pay attention you would know that is where I live.  She had fallen in love with the photo feeling that it was a sign of hope.  I was tickled that this photo had brought us together.

Since then Kim and I have continued to talk.  I have learned of her love for God and family.  This last summer we were able to finally meet in person at our local fair.  She also helped save two small kittens that had wondered up to my home.  Adding them to her growing family.  Growing...yes.  You see Kim has a two sons and a daughter.  Her daughter was adopted from China.  She is a beautiful child, full of wonder.  I am so happy to say that Kim and her husband are currently working on papers to adopt again.  They are hoping to eventually add two more children to their family.

Why do I tell you this?  Well, I have found my Christmas gift to Kim.  My Family, A Symphony: A Memoir of Global Adoption by Aaron Eske is the book that I think Kim will love to read.  This is a moving story of how Aaron was raised with his 4 adopted siblings.  In wishing to keep the close bond they had as children, Aaron traveled to the 23 cities across the globe that marked his brothers and sisters origins.  He was able to met the people who had taken care of them before they became his family.  Visiting orphanages across the world, the slums in India, North Korean village and a Ethiopian tribe in the rain forest.  This trip helped Aaron with a new perspective of his family and how they were all brought together.  I so want to share this story with Kim and her family.  I pray it will strengthen them in their quest to find the family that is meant to be.  All coming together right here in our lil country town on the ranch they call home.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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  1. Hi Lenore! I am humbled, wow! I have never been the topic of a blog post before and i am quite speechless now...what an amazing gift to come home to find! You are such a dear and kindhearted person. God has blessed me in so many ways here in Comanche and I am ever so thankful that one of those blessings is that we finally crossed paths and became friends. Thank You so much from the bottom of my heart!


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