Wishing for Cool Breeze

I am sitting here on a beautiful fall day. Yes, I said fall...but it feels like summer. When it is in the high 80's in the late afternoon, I can promise you it has not been a cool crisp day at all. More like too warm and balmy. But I am dreaming of some nice cool air whipping around me. Well, since I can't get it I decided to sit with the kiddos and dream some up. We did this with the help of Madeline. You remember this lovely lil lady in her yellow dress and yellow hat. Madeline is up to good things in her Madeline's Christmas & Other Wintery Tales.
It is so nice to curl up with the girls and giggle with them. Of course Madeline can be quite the adventurer with her dog Genevieve and her friends from Miss Clavel's class. Now let's not forget her next door neighbor Pepito either. Princess Emma is asking for snow now and I am dreaming of just the coolness of a crisp fall day. But the Great-Niece was more interested in pretending to be Madeline herself.
A typical Dairy Queen restaurant, located alon...Image via WikipediaI am glad that there were 5 shows on here.  We can do a mini-marathon or a show a day if we wish this way.  I am really hoping that Dear will bring me a home a pumpkin pie blizzard from Dairy Queen to help set this dream of cool weather up in my head.  Heck if nothing else it will be good to have the ice cream alone.  Now I know I am jumping the gun here a little.  You could watch Madeline's Halloween & Other Spooky Adventures instead.  It is more in with the season right now.   But I am going to go back and see Santa, the North Pole and Mr. Grump with the girls.  Come join us by curling up on the couch.  There's room.  Oh and btw....thanks so much to Shout for sending me this DVD.  It is greatly appreciated. 

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  1. I don't know what the 80's translates too, but I think it's warm. What I do know is that we had sundaes at work today and that was a very good thing.


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