Potty Emergency

Family Bathroom sign                                      Image via WikipediaHave you ever been too embarrassed to leave a bathroom? Honestly...come on folks. We all have to go. And sometimes we really have to go. And sometimes it is even worse than that.  I know this last weekend I was so embarrassed at a lil cafe.  Ok yes, I am going to tell a potty story.  But then you tell me what would you do when I finish.  OK?

Well I took Princess Emma to go potty....and well I really had to go to.  There was a mom and lil 4 yr old ahead of us.  And we heard them in there (a one seater).  The lil lady just gabbing away with her mommy.  She popped out to say hi to us and the such.  When it became our turn I noticed it was not quite all the way flushed.....but really did not think much of  it.  And since the Princess was dancing and so was I, I just popped her up on the seat.  She finished and I plopped down and reached around to flush the toilet.  Well......let's just say I really was glad to be there.  But I heard the sound of others in the hall waiting.  This was one busy cafe.  Princess Emma gabbed just like the last 4 year old did.  I knew they could hear her talking to me.  Finally done, I reached and flushed again.  Helping Princess Emma wash her hands and mine, I looked over. 

OH NO!  I was not flushing.   Oh no.  There are people in the hall.  Knocking on the door.  And I checked, no plunger.  This was smelly and looked worse.  What to do.  Flushed again....to no avail.  So here....What would you do?  Huh?  Gotta get past them to go to table.  Not leaving the cafe so they will all look at me the offender.  Of the one and only girls bathroom.  I opened the door, peaking out.  There are 4 people in line including one is a cafe worker.  I am so embarrassed.  I bend over and whisper to the next in line that they may not want to go in.  It is stopped up and there is not a plunger.  Gosh she was a trooper.  Turned and motioned to an employee and told them to get it fixed!  I slinked off, quickly.

I do wish I had one thing with me but it was at home in Granny M's bathroom.  That would be our lil travel bottle of Poo-Pourri.  Honestly!  It would not have flushed the toilet, but it would have made it smell a whole lot nicer in there.  It is made to spray in the toilet and it eliminates those nasty odors.  Well it may have not cleared the air 100% but it would have made a difference.  I know that we are using it in Granny M's bathroom.  Now she is in her late 70's and has to use 'aids'.  We keep a diaper genie like we use to use for the babies in there.  It is a great gadget, but there is still odor.  Now she pops one in and gives it a lil squirt of Poo-Pourri.  No more nasty odor.  That makes it nicer for Granny M and no embarrassment for her.  I love that.  And it is citrus scented too!  Yeah.  I have to say thanks so for them to send it to me to try out.  I really wish I had it with me when I was in that cafe though!


  1. I would have strolled out laughing and said" WHOOOOO, you do NOT want to go in there!!!", while waving my hand in front of my nose! But, that's just me...

  2. I sympathize with you kiddo! I've been there and done that. It's just one of those times when you just gotta get that stiff upper lip, walk out and say, sorry, I didn't know it wouldn't flush till it was too late, and head back to your table. I think we've all been through that at one time or another, unfortunately some of us more than once. LOL! Love ya!



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