It's a Monster Mash

Ready to carve the pumpkin? I know I want all the innards to cook so I am more than ready. But if you need a lil artistic help the use the scary looking guides that are on BHG.  I know that I am not very artistic so I have to use the lil cheats to make things look really good.

And I love this idea.  I was thinking it would be great for the theater group that my College Girl is with. One of them dresses like the celebrity, all ready for the red carpet. And the others follow the celebrity around, snapping photos and yelling "Over here!" and "Look to the right!"   Of course they would all want to be the celeb while CG would be the only paparazzi. 

Of course it is time for bake sales too.  Always happens in the fall.  Those are some easy cupcakes to decorate.  Even I can do that.  Some white icing and red drops.  Mummies for all.  You can find more of these ideas at BHG too.

I even carved a virtual pumpkin.  But I did miss the goodies inside that could have become pumpkin bread.  But he is a nice ol pumpkin in my thought.  If your having a party for the kids and grown ups, then you might want a drink bar just for the kiddos.  I love the thought of a mad scientist lab for mixing juice drinks.  A few interesting glasses and beakers if you can get them.  A lil dry ice for atmosphere and voila' you have the makings of a lab.  The kids could really get into mixing up different flavors.  But here are some more ideas for drinks that are fit for the whole family.

I know that the kiddos here are looking forward to some of the specials on TV.  Now I know there are the ol time favorites.  But for the littlest ones I am looking forward to showing Timmy Time.  It is on Playhouse Disney where I can be real sure that it is age appropriate for them.  And Timmy Gets Spooked is just scary enough for a 2 year old, I promise.  You can check show times to see when it is on in your area.  A good way to monitor TV time too!

So what are some of your plans for this season.  Make sure you don't just run into the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays without having time to enjoy fall.  It seems that they try to make things happen just way too fast now.  Halloween items were in the stores next to back to school.  And they already have Christmas decorations going up.  I just do not get that at all.  Do you?  I think that is why I am often a Scrooge by the time Christmas does roll around.  

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