No Chunky Dunking Here

Granny M is a dipper. Yeah she not a skinny dipper but more of a chunky dunker if truth be told. Now I am not talking body size here at all. Nope....Granny M loves dip. She will have chips and dip for a meal any ol time if you let her. Thankfully we are lucky enough to have a new one for her. Dean's Dip now has pretzel dips. YEAH! Really! They are so good in the flavors of Honey Mustard and Cheddar Cheese.  Now Dean's and I have a great relationship.  Honestly we do!  Because they sent me a party pack that you would be so jealous of. 

Does that not look perfect.  Remember that I told you that Dear is now home in the evenings.  And that we are having more family time.  Well we are breaking out the green bag and setting up our party tray with pretzels and Dean's Honey Mustard Dip.  Then out comes the Twister game.  I know that Granny M will not be playing with us but I promise you Dear, College Girl and I will be seeing what shapes we can get ourselves into.  Don't worry.  Granny M is going to don the green flip flops and guard the dip from the pets.  I am sure that she will also do the official judging to see who can keep their spots in the twister game. 

Now this is not all....since Dean's Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip is so low in fat and calories along with the fact that pretzels are low fat too, we are taking this show on the road.  I am going to have a twister dip party at Curves with all of my exercise ladies as soon as we can get it set up.  I bet we can see who has really been working out and be the skinny dippers too!  BTW if you did not know 2 tablespoons of Dean's Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip is only 50 calories and that is 1.5 fat grams.  And 20 mini pretzels (I am looking at Wise brand) is 110 calories with out any fat.  So for 160 calories we have a really great snack choice.  Now?  I wonder how many calories playing twister burns?   Hummm?

I do wish to thank Dean's for sending me this great gift.  I also have some coupons that they were generous enough to send too.  I did not get paid for this but I had a blast playing with the game.  And Granny M is holding court over the dip bowl as I speak.

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