June Cleaver Honored

June CleaverImage via WikipediaI am sad since I just found out that we have lost Barbara Billingsley aka June Cleaver. She was my idol mom. With the pearls, dresses, aprons and heels, I have always wanted to be the calm cool collected mom she represented. It did not matter if mud was drug into the house she did not holler, scream and threaten death to the boys. They may have had to help clean their messes (good lesson MOM!) but June was unflappable.
Barbara Billingsley in the pilot Image via WikipediaI know that life has it ebbs and flows. But still the 1950's dream of being a mom, wife and caregiver to your family being an honorable life has been lost on so many. I care that I am here to take care of the people who mean the world to me. I am so thankful that despite my illness it gives me that chance. I am not pretty like June. I do holler and yell at times. And I can not cut a figure as well as she does...but I do have pearls to wear, a collection of aprons and find I am most comfortable in my house dresses. Not the picture of June but have the heart and soul that she so represents.
Good bye Barbara and thank you so much for giving us an idol as a mom and wife. We love you and will greatly miss you.

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  1. You made me smile and sniffle. I loved Leave it to Beaver and June Cleaver was fantastic. The world needs more shows with mom's like June. You will be missed Barbara.


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