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Today is a mix-match of things. Why? Well because it is a Saturday and I am awake before 6 a.m. I do not know why I was awake but it was a good thing as Princess Emma arrived to sleep on my couch at 6 a.m. Also by 6 a.m. on a Saturday we have Granny M awake making sandwiches for the nephew who is now (thank you Lord) working 7 days a week. The niece is making coffee for herself and feeding the newborn. College Girl is up and walking the dogs before heading off to school for today's performance of Peter Pan.  Now that means on a Saturday morning at 6 a.m. only one person is sleeping in my house.  Who is that?  Dear is sleeping.  He does not have to work at job #1 today and no longer has job #2!  Yipppeeee! (Rays of sunshine and rainbows are all around.)  Yes, last night was his last night to work.  After 6 years he is no longer working 2 jobs.  I am thrilled.
What else is going on?  Oh over at Skyler's Dad aka Some Days It's Not Worth Chewing Through the Leather Straps....there is signage.  Yes, signage.  Oh my and funny too.  CG and I have already laughed and cried from it this morning.   Go see for yourself.  Now it is a lil after 7 a.m. here.  Princess Emma is sleeping, Granny M is sleeping, Dear is sleeping, Niece (along with babies) is sleeping,  Dogs are sleeping,  Cats are sleeping.   College Girl has left.  And yeah, I am awake.  Why?  Well because I can not go back to sleep.  Must be some gene I am missing.  But once awake always awake or so it seems.  Then at 3 p.m. today my head will be nodding while I pretend not to want to nap in the middle of the day.
I did get a new book to share with the Grandbabes next weekend.  (Yes, I have them finally again!)  It is a beauty of a book about the lives of the people who work shrimp boats in the Gulf of Mexico.  You know, where so much oil was spilled....and made their lives even harder to live now.  Ok that is not in the book, just my thoughts.  But, in a beautiful world, you would find Salty Seas & His Heroic Friends.  The story is told by the shrimp boat, Salty Seas.  His friends are the seagull, pelican and dolphin. They work hard to save the Captain from a shark when he is knocked overboard.  Wow!  This is a thriller for the kiddos.  Me, well I just want to hang up the pages as the art work is beautiful.  A real rainbow of color.  I would be thrilled to have this artist do a whole mural for me.....what a dream.
Otherwise today we are going to go to see Peter Pan at the theater my College Girl is in.  She is a pirate (yes, girls can have a mean streak too) as well as the horrid crocodile.  We are taking Princess Emma to see her sissy in the play as well as my niece and her two lil ones.  What an adventure.  Then this afternoon Dear and I have a wonderful day planned of cleaning our room.  Gosh who thought it could get so fun?  Actually I am so way behind on putting up clean clothes.  And we had our bed on risers.  One of them gave way....NOT on my side of the bed!  So all that stuff we had stored under our bed we had to clean out.  Now we are actually going through it all and getting rid of what is not needed.  Putting other things in to a proper storage container.  And those silly important papers that for some reason I had stored under the bed can now go in the file drawer.
This evening I plan on curling up with a book.  Yes, one of all time favorite things to do. I have a new one.  You knew that!  The Half-Made World by Felix Gilman is a interesting mix of fantasy and reality.  It is a combination of western, adventure and magic in a sci-fi kinda way.  Hard to tell you but I know that I am already trying to carve out time for myself so I can continue reading it.  I promise you it is not a easy glib book, but one that has you really digging in deeper.  It is a world that is only half made so far.  Can you imagine that?  Of course there are the power struggles as well as the explorers to see what lies in the unknown.  We are always trying to see over that next hill, past the big trees and into tomorrow.  I do love that it was compared to Stephen King's The Dark Tower.  Pretty high praise there.
I am enjoying this one so being taken away to a different place.  And I am hanging out in this half-made world wondering what is going to happen next.  Where will we travel to....and find....and discover....and?  Just my kinda book.  Wanna share?  Well I will....with you.  If you would like your own copy I have a second copy of it right here.  And will mail it to one lucky reader.  Just leave me a comment on where you would like to explore.  What you would love to see or experience.  Make sure I have your email as usual so I can contact you.  Oh and if you follow me on GFC I will give you an extra entry.  As well as my twitter and facebook.  So put those in the separate comments too!


  1. Hey Kiddo! Did You get the NoteBook I left for you? That should take up some of your time,if you get bored!LOL! Like that's gonna happen with hubby home! Haha! Anyway that book is se several years old, so before you give any "services" out you might check to make sure they're still good. That book is what I spent A lot of time during my stint as VISTA researching. Hope you find it helpful. God Bless and thank you for entering my Give-AWay. I posted it on Give-Away Blogs (Promote Your Give-AWay) but I didn't think about placing it on the other forums. DUH!

    Love ya Bunches!

  2. I don't know how often College Girl checks her blog for comments, but I commented on it. Tell her to be sure and check it out.

    Love ya,

  3. Love this post.
    Thanks for sharing.
    That drawing of the family is adorable! :)

  4. I don't travel much, but would love to someday, anywhere!
    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  5. brand new gfc follower as jhb
    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  6. My mum was born and raised in Jamaica. I've always looked at her photos of the shining blue oceans and glimmering beaches and longed to roam there. I don't know if it would count as exploring though.
    I am also infatuated with rain forrests. I'd love to explore the amazon, as long as I was with trainer professionals! I'd love to see the amazing animals and plants and feel the humidity and hear the noises.

  7. I follow your blog via google friend connect - Niecey

    nieceyd at


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