Crazed Taste Testing

I have tried all kinds of diets. And most of the time I don't stick to them. Most of us do not. And I know it is called a 'lifestyle change' now. But I promise you it all still feels like a diet to me.  I know I have to read all the labels to see what is good or not good for me.  And gosh, half of it I can not pronounce.  But I do know to look at calories, sodium, carbs, fat and protein.
Well I thought I would do my very own home study of 4 different snack bars.  A side by side comparison of what is considered healthy and how does it measure up in the taste factor.  Of course that means I have to taste all four.  Gosh....think I can do that!
I picked Kellogs Special K Blueberry Bar, Organic Larabar Jam Frakas Chocolate Chip Cosmocrisp bar,  Kellogs Cinnabon bar, PowerBar Harvest Whole Grain.  Seems that logic right off would say Organic is best, Whole Grain is next, then the Special K with Cinnabon coming in last.  I wonder?  I will use myself, Dear and College Girl as the tasting party.   Those two were doing blind taste test.  Of course I knew which bar was which. That way we have 3 opinions and hopefully one clear winner.
Well this came as a shock.  The lowest calorie bar was the best tasting bar!  Now that is a lesson learned for me.  It does not have to be the highest calorie or the most chocolate or decadent to really taste good.  I will say that the PowerBar was the largest of all 4 bars.  While the JamFrakas was the smallest yet very dense.  The other two Kellogs bars were light and easily fell apart.  I imagine that if your needing staying power you should go with the JamFrakas.  But for snack bars.....hummm maybe we should stay with the 90 calorie bar and really enjoy the flavor.

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  1. Hey Kiddo!
    I've been wanting to try out that Special K Bar, but it wouldn't work for me. I'm one of those "can't eat just one" people. Even if it is the lowest calorie, by the time I ate 2 or 3, I might as well eat a candy bar! LOL!

    God BLess!


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