Let Me Help you STOP Smoking

Since Dear has stopped smoking....YEAH! I wanted to help someone else stop this habit that is so dangerous to their health as well as those around them.  Yes, I am a non smoker and always have been.  But we are placing so much on October being breast cancer awareness...how can we not be aware of all the other forms of cancer.  And weather you want to agree or not (Granny M that is you!) smoking is the leading cause of cancer.  So....I want to help someone else stop smoking.

How?  Well I have a box of Nicorelief gum (in Mint; 4mg; 50 count) to help smokers stop smoking.   The Harvard Drug Group's top-selling smoking cessation gum product is Nicorelief, when compared with Nicorette, is rated by customers as better taste, better texture.  Normally this sells for $42.63 plus tax of course.  So that would be a savings right there since it would be free to whomever wins this giveaway.  Now I am not a doctor nor do you need a prescription for this aid.  But there could be side effects so make sure you read up on them.  Now Dear did not have any negative side effects at all and has completely stopped smoking for a month now.  I am jumping for joy folks.  I do insist that you be 18 yrs of age and in the USA since I am paying for the shipping on this one. 

To enter to win, well of course comment.  I would like for you to tell me who this is for (your or other person).  Why you want to stop or have them stop smoking.  And please follow me on Google Friend Connect.  Yeah that lil follow button in the side of my blog.     Now this is not from any pr group, company or product review.  This is from me to you.  Just cause I want to help.  I am offering extra entries in this one too.  You get an extra entry for following me on twitter and another for facebook.  Make sure you leave your email in the comments too.  And that you leave a comment for each entry.  I hope you win!


  1. Smoking killed both my parents, it is horrible.

  2. I would really like to quit smoking!

  3. Thanks for the great giveaway. This would be for my hubby. We just had twins and he NEEDS to quit.


  4. I would love to have some... And this is for my husband wants to quit smoking for the our children which the secondhand smoker much have the worst effect on it.

  5. I would love to have some for my husband........would love for him to be around for our grandson. He has tried so many times!!

  6. Ack, it's me. But don't tell my kid... It's a secret.


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