Beautiful Gardens

So you remember me telling you about Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean? Yeah that wonderful vacation in book form. Oh how I loved sitting there, flipping through the pages and dreaming of clear blue oceans and beautiful clear sand. I adore the bright bold colors and tropical plants all around. Honestly a dream come true printed right in front of you.
Well now I am lucky to have a second book by Galon and Gajek. They have put together Granny M's dream, Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean. Oh how she loves plants so much. And as you can see from these photos they are like heavenly dreams. They even have a blog that you can go and see even more of their travels on. 
I love the passion these two people have for the Caribbean. It is amazing to see the bright bold plants and flowers. And can you imagine how it must feel to sit there and have breeze blowing across the water cooling you off? I know Granny M is ready for a cruise right now to get there.
Which island would you want to go on? Barbados with the festivals? Grenada, showing off it's finery for all? St. Lucia that is so intimate? Or St. Vincent with it's quiet splendor? Well if you can not get there then look at the last extra chapter of this book. It has a step by step presentation in flower arrangements. Make your own beauty in a vase and play the free audio CD with this book and you will hear the background sounds of the nature in the Caribbean. Just lean back and imagine your there.
I do wish to thank the authors for sending me this amazing book to review. As always I am happy to receive the books but have not been paid for my reviews in any way.

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