Escape with a Pina Colada Moment

Well I have ran and ran and ran this week. And still feel like I am in the same place. Do you ever feel that way? I hate to complain and do not feel like a pain in the booty....but today has been the one that has worn me out.

We have brought in another young woman to help her out. Moving from one place to another. There was a gap of time she would be without a home. So we have had her couch dwelling. She is a lovely guest. I am glad that we can help. And my issues have not with her. I am just tired.

Silly but you know those times. I am ready to have a run away. And since I can not afford a cruise to the islands, I am running away in a book. Yeah! You know me and books.

Let me share this beautiful book with you. I promise you will want to runaway with me.

Just the cover of this coffee table book alone makes me want to be there. It is so nice to flip through page after page of gorgeous photos. Rich in colors that makes you feel the cool breezes wafting off the pages. I love the bold colorful photos that take me from home to home.
All I need is a tall pink frothy drink to sit here with. Drink in the colors and make me come alive again.
Are you drooling yet? With these amazing photographs? Luscious green plants and the bluest sky and water around. How about a place to curl up with a good book and let the afternoon pass on by?
Yeah! This is the place. I am so relaxed now. What a beautiful trip. And to think I could do it all in this wonderful book of Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean by Derek Galon and Margaret Gajek. Both of these authors are also the owners of Ozone Zone Books publishing company. They team up so well with the skills of researcher, travel, music and photography. You know what? They even have my pink tropical drink waiting on me.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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    (clicking heals) There's no place like that! There's no place like that! There's no place like that!


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