Grand Babe Weekend

 At the Friday night football game.
 Look Ma, no hands.
Girls can be tough too.
 Growl!  I am a wild tiger.
 It was so much fun when my Granddaughter told me she was a wild tiger.  So we pulled out the make up bag and made that statement true.  With just a few lines and swipes we made her  up to be her imagined strength.  That with her amazing eyes and our hearts were off to stalk the jungle (aka the house).  With a roar and a jump here and there we managed to catch quite a few other wild beast.
This last photo is a contest entry to the “Spook-A-Look Halloween Photo Contest” at Giveaway Blogs.  This site is sponsored by UPrinting and has some of the best giveaways listed there.  I add mine to the free forums so others can find them.  But at least one day a week I sit and go through them to find what I wish to enter too.  Love that! 


  1. Looks like the grandkids had a great time! Oh and I'm sure the grandparents did too! We so enjoy ours! God bless!


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