Doggie Breath

Oh my, do you have pets? I have dogs and cats.  And cats are ok, they treat you like servants to care for them.  And I am ok with being kitty staff.  But they love love love you! They treat you like family....all tail wagging and barking and jumping all around when you show up.  Now I love my dogs.  I love that they love me.  But I do not love their breath.  Honestly....I am looking for doggie toothbrushes.  So I am not assaulted by the horrid smells wafting out of those lil doggie mouths.  I know some people who do brush their dogs teeth.  I am a lil scared I would get chewed on.  I know I would get drooled on.  That happens already!
But I have found a way to take care of that stench without risking any of my fingers.  Oh and I also have whiter teeth with the lil pooches.  (Yeah, at least they are not neon white, that would be just down right scary.)  Now I simply sprinkle on a lil of my Teddy's Pride in the dog food and whoosh all my fears of doggie breath are gone.  Actually since they do get scraps from the table I put it on that.  This way each dog gets their own dose of Teddy's Pride.  I was happy to see that this is a probiotic and it uses the natural bacteria to promote long term oral health.  Hummmm, I wonder if I could do the same for College Girl?  Naw, guess I should not use the dogs things for her.  Honestly the same science that is used here is working for her with the rinse system she is not using.  I love it!

Oragenics, Inc., a company specializing in all-natural probiotics for oral care, will be giving away a YEAR'S supply of Teddy's Pride to one lucky winner.
Entering the contest is easy.  Just visit Teddy's Pride on Facebook
1) Friend them (if you wish, not required)
2) send Linda the Tooth Fairy an email through their Facebook page, telling her a cute little thing about your pet.

The deadline for entry is Friday, October 29 at midnight (Pacific time) and the winner will be announced on Monday, November 1.
So better scents around here.  And I am still the cat butler but the dogs are happy to just laze around with me.  I do wish to thank Teddy's Pride for sending me samples to use.  I was thrilled to find it online too since most stores are so far away from where I live.  Now it can just arrive in the mail.  Oh and this does work with cats too! 

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  1. I have a cat so I know what you mean about them. Often wish I had a dog instead!


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