Help Balancing Work and Sleep

You are aware how much Dear Hubby works.  At an almost never home pace between the two jobs.  I am sure you may wonder if we ever see each other.  Well we do.  When he is getting ready in the morning, changing in the late afternoon and crawling into bed in the evening.  Yes, it can be that bad for weeks at a time.

So how does he keep going?  Some days I am unsure.  He drinks lots of water to keep hydrated.  He knows he has to do this to support his children too.  But he has to have some help.  You know those lil energy shots?  Yeah those....the ones that promise 5 hours of get up and go without the crash?  Well eventually you always crash.  But, we have found a better alternative to them.  Instead of massive amounts of caffeine and sugar there is a healthy alternative.   Honestly....and they work too. 

We tried Wheatgrass BOOST first.  This last week Dear Hubby had to be at job #1 early so that was waking up an hour earlier than normal.  So he hit the alarm clock at 5 a.m. and I help drag him out of bed.  Shower, shave and his various assundries while he was getting dressed.  Then out the door.  He had to do a store order and bank run at lunch time so there was not rest for the weary there.  But he did eat lunch on the run.  After job #1 he dashed home.  Took time to drink down his Wheatgrass BOOST and then jumped into the shower.  Changed into uniform for job #2 and dashed back out the door.   I popped up to the job site with dinner for him so he is still getting his nutrition.  But sad to say it was 12:30 a.m. before he could drag him self home.  What was different?  Well, he told me he had energy to get through a full shift of job 2.  And so far had not experienced a crash like before.  Great! 

We went another couple of days with the back and forth til he ended up with the I am tired but too tired to sleep.  You have been there haven't you?  Where you have gone so much that you have hit your second, third and fourth wind already.  That is not good when you have only so many hours to sleep.  Thankfully there was at least 8 hours for him to rest this time.  But he had to get in bed and go to sleep.  It did not look like that was going to happen at all.  This time we tried the all natural Peaceful Sleep shot.  Yep, one to go and one to stop.  He was not too sure this would work, but guess what.  I was laughing because in 15 minutes he was sound out.  And he did sleep all night.  The next morning I was ready for the sleep hangover.  But no!  He woke, stretched and was happy to have had one of the best nights he could remember in a very long time.  Wow!

I am now looking at our local health food stores for these two products.  I know I can order them online.  Just trying to see if we can get them any easier.  I promise he will not be doing those other energy shots anymore.  And I hope he gets a good nights sleep at least once a week.  I am going to say a great big thank you to AgroLabs for sending me the two samples.  Wonder if they want to send a case next time?  Ha Ha!

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