All My Readers Win Today!

I have Princess Emma with me today. And since I am not feeling too well I need a break. Thankfully Emma loves stories and will have me read one book right after another. You know how that goes. But today I can not read like that.
So, instead we are heading over to Story Time for Me. It is a great place that has children's stories that are read for you. Interactive too! You not only see the words, they are highlighted as they are read. And the pictures are not still, not instead they also move with the story. With 3 different story lines and over 50 children’s books to be read, this is an answer to my prayers today.
Now I can have Princess Emma entertained and learning while I lay here half dead.  Sorry to say that, but some days we are not up to our full potential.   Would you like this same option?  You can try it out.  FREE!
Yeah the magic word was just spoken.  All of my that?  ALL OF MY READERS, can have 2 FREE stories from Story Time for Me.  Easy peasy!   Andrew was so kind to also let me have free stories for sharing with you.  So, go get yours.  Yeah, this is one of those great days when all is going right.

To receive your two free stories and see the benefits for yourself, you have two options.  In the first option, you receive two free stories to enjoy with your children.  The second options gives you the opportunity to receive 10 additional free stories. 
Option 1:  To receive 2 free stories:  Email with the following in the subject line:    "2 Books:  Referred by Crazed Mind @
Then in the body of the email add your first and last name, email address, your child's first name and birth date (if you have more than one child, send the name/birthday of the child most likely to use the stories the most).  You will receive an email confirmation from within one business day.  Please be sure to add the email to your address book so that you will be sure to receive the code for your two free children's storybooks
That's all there is to it, and nothing to buy!  Just pick out the two free stories you would like and start enjoying!
Option 2:  Refer 5 of your friends or relatives that have children ages 1-8 who would like to receive two free stories.  Then:
1.  "like" Story Time For Me on facebook here:
2.  Make a facebook post on your wall encouraging your friends to check out Story Time For Me and to take advantage of the 2 free stories.
3.  In order to count for the 5 referrals, the five friends/relatives must actually sign up for the 2 free stories following the rules in Option 1 (at no cost to them). 
4.  Send Andrew a private message on his facebook here:
telling him the names and email addresses of the five friends/relatives who signed up, as well as your full name and email address to receive your extra 10 free stories.
Remember, this is not a contest to enter and see if you win.  ALL of you automatically "win" the two free stories!


  1. Very cool idea for a website!!

    Feel better soon!

  2. Very cool idea for a website!!

    Feel better soon!


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