Going Green or Going Crazy?

What are you doing to help with the environment?  I mean, we are all going green aren't we?  Not only is it the smart thing to do it is now the in thing to do.  But, I remember learning about this way back in the cave man days of elementary school.  Of course then it was learning about biodegradable products and how they helped the earth.  We were being ecological consumers.  Now we are eco-friendly!

Well I am still looking on how to do things that work, are "green" and frugal all at the same time.  We have recycled paper for the litter box and note pads.  Even the newspaper is used for finger painting projects.  Cans are saved to recycle.  That fund helps a friend of mine with her tithes for mission work.  Heck we even do leftover stew.  Boxes are reused for storage and trash containers.  Bags go in the trash cans as liners.

I am now adding plant based dish soap and laundry soap.  They are chemical free and fragrance free too.  No more irritating my skin with perfumes.  Of course I hang my laundry outside and air dry my dishes too.  I do like my newest additions.  Since I was dishes all day long.  Yeah, I do...OCD!  If I have a dirty dish I automatically place some soap on my sponge and wash the dish before placing it in the drainer.  Dirty laundry goes right into the washer.  Since we wash only with cold water now (green thing again) I am not worried about colors mixing up.  When the washer is full, I add my great  EcoStore non-toxic soap and start the load. Easy Peasy! 

So?  What green thing are you doing?  Have you changed products you used before?  Has it become an obsession or just a new habit?  Do you think the lil bit each of us can do really makes a difference? 
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary product to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. you have the best reviews! we are slowly trying to retrain our brains to be more earth friendly...

  2. I'm a greenie. Our county has a killer recycling program where we can put everything in one giant bin and they come collect it every other week. I have chickens and a clothes line. I'm careful to consolidate trips in the car. I love to plant trees, etc. Next up... a windmill.

  3. Morning, Lynette! Cool review. I listed you in my post today....'cause you have the bestest stuff!



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