College Girl Getting a Boost

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

College Girl is ever so busy with school right now.  Working in the theater, roles to memorize lines on, yoga classes and then the commute back and forth.  I am so glad she has her mobile phone.  Between calls to me, keeping up with her crew at the theater and all that she also does online, her phone stays busy.  Top it all off with all we now do with social networking.  I know I adore my facebook and Nessa is  twitter fan. 

Boost Mobile is one of the ways that we can all stay in touch. With the internet now available through your cell phone service we can post a blog from just about anywhere.  Tweet a message and hook up on facebook or even just call home.  I am amazed since this was just a fantasy when I was a kid in school.  If you was walking in the store and touched your ear to talk to someone that no one else could would have been put away.  Now we all know that they have their bluetooth on instead.

Re-Boost is another good thing. College Girl can minutes on to her cell from the internet, by calling or even in person.  Wow do we really walk up and pay a bill anymore.  I know I sit in front of my computer to do that.  She also can have unlimited time on Facebook for just one price a month.  That is the bomb.  I imagine the next thing is that she will be wanting a Blackberry.

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  1. Oh honey, I totally want a blackberry. Or an iPhone... or a Droid. Technology. sigh.


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