Dancing or Mud Pies?

Dear Hubby and I are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary this weekend.  And we have thought of all kinds of plans.  You know the usual.  A trip to get away.  Time away from the house, bills and daily life.  So what would we want to do?
A weekend getaway at a cozy b & b? No!  How about secluded in a resort with a pool and room service?  No!  Could it be time to drive over 100 miles and see our Grandbabes?  Yeppers.  Well that is what we would like to do.  We have not seen them in a month and it will be several weeks before we see them again.  So that was out plans.  WAS!
Yeah, you saw that. Instead we are not going anywhere. Why? Well Dear Hubby has to start working Saturdays at his weekday job. I know, I know, he works two jobs already. So let's add a day to the schedule. Once he is done with job #1 and then pops over to job #2 to help out there it will be Saturday evening. So no trip to turn around and come back home the next day.
So I am thinking of what I can do with the Grandbabes next time I have them. I am pulling out my secret bag of tricks. It is in the form of Sharon Lovejoy's book Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars. This is the bomb for us grandfolks. I was hoping that now that it is cooler we can do more outside time. With my lovely TK, we can work on a recipe to help attract more butterflys to the yard. But I bet she is going to be more interested in the worm hotel. Heck, I can't blame here. A worm hotel sure would come in handy when I want to go fishing.
I know my lil Man will be right there with us. He is great with a sand shovel. So I was planning on making some pumpkin patch pots. It would be just in time for the fall weather. He can help shovel in the dirt and plant the pumpkin seeds too. There are so many ideas in the Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars that I bet we will have plans for every trip they get to come and visit.  Here are a few more:

  • Pizza Box Solar Oven reward children by cooking in a Sunshine Kitchen (p. 109)
  • Backyard Explorer Kit explains what exciting things they'll find in their own backyard (p. 32)
  • Firefly lanterns sharpen children's senses for nighttime explorations (p. 64) 

Now, in the mean time.....my anniversary plans. No trips out of town. So any ideas? It seems it will be time at home but not just the two of us. I wonder about running all out of the living room and making up our own lil private dance club. Dress up, turn on our favorite tunes, light some candles and just drift away in each others arms. Oh that sounds so lovely....yeah, that is just right. I mean, we all know I always say....There is always time to DANCE!


  1. Hey Kiddo! Thanks for stopping by and the encouraging words. Do you know that is only my 2nd Book review I've ever done? I was worried that it was too long. You know how I like to talk (or type)! I just get started and my brain overflows into my fingers and I can't stop them. LOL! Anyway, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DEAR LYNETTE AND HUBBY, HAPPY 7TH ANNIVERSARY TO YOU!
    y'all have a blast at whatever you decided to do. At least you still have romance on your side. I said something to hubby the other night,and he said "my medications won't let me" LOL! That's what happens when we start getting old, so enjoy romance while you can.

    Love ya bunches!

  2. Go dance in the rain...wait, John would end up in the hospital with some strange lung disease, better to stay indoors!

  3. Oh Kevin!! How right you are!! And funny too.
    I think you should go rent a hotel room, eat like you can afford to buy anything you want, and make enough noise that the night manager has to come bang on the door to tell you to keep it down you are disturbing the other guests :P

  4. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!! Can't wait to check out the book!

  5. Happy Anniversary to the two of you!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Hope you are enjoying it! So nice to have them grandbabies too!
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I love coffee too..come on back over and we will share a cup! Check out my "Coffee" mirror too at www.cottonfieldfarm.etsy.com


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