Focus on Daily Life and Strengths

I have shared with you that I live in a small country town.  All of 2 miles by 2 miles.  So you get to know everyone and they all know you thought they did or not.  Now being a city girl this was quite a change for me.  I remember when I first moved here, people seemed to think they knew things about me that just was not so.  I was so shocked to think that anyone would one, be even interested in me and two, notice that I was even here.  My Dear Hubby was here before me on the outskirts of town.  So he popped into town and out on a regular basis.  With his outgoing personality, he had made friends with so many.  While I was shy and withdrawn in a new place.
Now during all of this our romance was also blossoming.  Just getting to know each other well.  And it seemed all the while we were in a spotlight for others to watch what unfolded.  It was very much like a lil romance novel coming about in real life.  And thankfully it grew into a deep and loving permanent relationship. This time period brought back romance novels into my reading list.  I had not read them since my teen years.  But, of course, with my own love life growing I wanted to share others stories.  Even today I have a read or two of romances.  My latest was 'The Snowflake' by Jamie Carie.  Yeah, with our Texas heat I was ready for a lil cooling off.  Here I traveled back to 1897 and followed a adventure trip to Alaska.  Here in a world that only men venture the unheard of happens.  A determined strong woman is making the same trek.  Will this hamper the journey or can the different outlook on life help new answers come about?  I loved seeing how a deep romance based on respect and admiration grow in this story.  And of course who can falter a relationship that is brought to fruition by the hand of God?  I feel that very same thing happened in my own marriage.
Now as I have said we are in small town Texas.  It is over 100 miles to any large city and over 30 miles just to do a decent days shopping.  Needless to say I do not travel far.  Not even to shop.  So I find what I need here.  In the one grocery store, the lil dollar stores, our shops around the town square.  I have found that it is enjoyable purchase an ice cream cone and walk around the square and window shop.  There is great joy in hanging out with our neighbors sharing a bar-b-que.  Helping out with our local charities.  Life is easier, slower and richer for all around us.  While the economy is hurting so it has become important to draw in what makes our lives fuller.  And most often that is from family and friends.  I would pick a family game night over a trip to the movies any time now.  Having coffee with the locals as they share their wisdom of hard times is much richer than reading the big town papers of what is happening in the world.  I have found that same kind of thinking in the book 'Snow Day' by Billy Coffey.  He noticed a balance in rural America that shows that we are a community of neighbors, co-workers and strangers turned friends.   This is just like listening to the story telling my grandfather use to do.  Here during a particularly bad snow storm Peter Boyd calls in to work to take a Snow Day.  During this day his eyes are opened to the community around him.  And that becomes a reflection to his own life.  It reminds me of when College Girl was younger.  We had Dr. Mom days.  Times that we called in to school for a doctors appointment to really have a day with mom.  One that seemed to really bring back health to our own relationship that was important as a day learning in class. 
What have you noticed that brings your focus back to  your family, your marriage, your community?  How have you brought in changes to make family time focused back to your home?  Are you giving back to your community, schools and local charities?  Why did you make these changes?  Share with us so we can also learn new ways to focus.


  1. We live in a small town too. Everybody knows each other's business. It is kind of funny when people tell me stuff about my relatives that I didn't know! :)

  2. We used to live in a small town but is seems that everyone from Columbus (our state capital) is moving into our area. I wish they would stay where they came from because our small town has too many people now for it's own good.

    I give to the Susan G. Komen Race For A Cure and for the Making Strides For Breast Cancer. We need to find a cure before it's too late.


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