Crazed Mind

My mind is going ninety to nothing today.  Not able to get one idea to stick and not race around.  Do you have days like that?
Well, my coffee maker broke.  I need coffee.  Can not function without it.  So I pulled out the reliable percolator from my mom's kitchen.  It was great to enjoy the fresh coffee as it bubbled and popped on my stove top.
I was feeling like I had made coffee from scratch....silly huh?  But at the same time I was thrilled when Dear Hubby walked in with a new Hamilton Beach automatic.  So the Corning Ware is back up on the shelf and the easy peasy one is working on the cabinet.
I also have to sweep every day.  With 5 dogs and 5 cats here it adds up real quick.  Top that off with the dirt and dust that blows in.  But isn't this just too much for one day.....every day.  I should not have a single animal left, they have shed enough to disappear.
I love this big ol picture hat.  But it is just not too fitting on our friend.
I think it is better fit for Princess Emma.
Well, I guess that is enough for today.  Top it off I am hungry too.  So time for a ham and cheese waffle sandwich.  One of College Girls favorites.  Pair it up with a cup of tomato soup and you have a peasant lunch that is every every so yummy.
Oh we also have a winner for the Percy book.
 The winner was drawn by random number generator.  And the winner is:

Jenn said...
I follow you on twitter ! I will be letting her know.  That way we can get her book off to her and her kiddo as soon as possible.


  1. Can I come to your house for lunch next time you have the waffle sandwiches?

  2. Okay I love the idea of sandwiches using waffles... yum!!!!

  3. Hey Kiddo! LOL! Boy does that stove top perulator bring back memories. I never owned one, but when I married my first hubby, we lived in New Jersey and rented a third story apartment from a very elderly lady who lived on the first floor. She would call me every morning right after my hubby went to work to come down and have coffee. She was a sweet little lady but her coffee well, that was another story. She had a storve top perkulator like yours and she let it boil and boil and boil. On top of that it was a very strong, rich, robust coffee anyway. I don' know if you have ever heard of it. I can't exactly remember the name, I think is was Savrin or something like that. I had never seen it anywhere except in the Northeastern states. It was strong! Thanks for the trip down memory lane for me and my taste buds! LOL! When is the drawing for Chicken Soup for the Souls gonna be? I can't remember. That's the one I entered. God Bless!



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