God Blessed Us

Today is my 7th wedding anniversary to Dear Hubby.  I feel quite blessed to have him love me as deeply as he does.  I wanted to share how we started out.  I hope you do not mind.  But for us this was a moment in our lives that God blessed. 

8 years ago, I was married to College Girls poppa.  I was sad and lonely in that relationship and had been for over 10 years.  He was unhappy too.  But we worked at staying together.  Our mutual goal was to make it til College Girl was out of school.  (She was then High School Girl.)  I had been out of town for two weeks with my daughter, visiting my birth father.  On the day of our return I received a call from my mother telling me of a death in our family.  I dropped HSG off for church camp and dashed across Texas again to be by my mothers side.

Fireworks #1Image by Camera Slayer via FlickrThe day of the funeral, I was helping my Great Uncle fill his dish at the meal afterwards.  We sat at a near by table and proceeded to eat and talk.  My ears perked up when I heard a warm voice full of laughter.  I looked up and saw a man helping an elderly woman just as I had done with my Great Uncle.  They sat at our table and of course we were all talking soon.  That afternoon I was telling my mother how much I enjoyed just talking to this man.  She knew him and his family and encouraged me to have him come to her cafe and have coffee and more time to visit.  So I called (how brazen is that?) and asked if he could join us.  Well it seems there was a conflict of plans as the annual fireworks show was to be that evening.  He asked if I wanted to join his family as they were all attending.  My mom told me to go on so I did. 

Well if you have seen the large Texas skies you know they go on forever.  That evening laying down and watching the beautiful colors explode across the heavens I was happier than I could remember being in a very long time.  Afterwards I sat in the car and was talking to this enjoyable gentleman.  And we talked about life, family, joys, sorrows and everything that came across our minds.  We talked til we noticed the sun was rising in the eastern sky.  Oh my goodness....we had talked all night long. 

Quickly we said our goodbyes and both returned to our homes.  I apologized to my mother for being out all night but told her it was great to have someone I could talk with and just be myself too.  Soon afterwards I packed up my car and started the trip back home.  Mile by mile went by and I became sicker and sicker to my stomach.  I realized how much I did not want to go back home to my husband.  I realized that I woke every day nauseated and dreading the day.  And I realized I had not felt that way the whole time I had been away visiting my birth father and my mother.  Sadness washed all over my whole being.

There is a Human Being by the Side of the RoadImage by mikmikko via Flickr

Then I was hit in the head and told to stop the car!  Wait here a moment.  I was alone in that car.  All alone.  But again I heard in a booming voice to Pull Over NOW!  You have to know I did.  And as I did I became calm.  Thoughts were coming at me so quickly I did not know how I could take it all in.  But I very quickly came to understand that I was not on the right path.  No, I was to change all now.  Sitting by the side of the road I paged through the local paper that I had kept with my Cousins obit in it.  In the real estate section I saw low rents that I could afford on my disability check.  With a calmness and peace I never felt before I knew I was to move.

Yes, and move I did.  I finished my trip home.  Sat and talked with my then husband in a very calm fashion.  We agreed that being together was making both of us miserable.  I told him of my events and I wanted to move.  He understood.  The next day I returned to my mom's town, found a place to live, paid all the bills to set up and returned to pack my and my daughter's belongings.  Yes, that quick.  And it all was calm, smooth and felt right.

Soon after wards I met back up with that same gentleman.  We continued to talk, visit and in time grew to know we were so happy with each other.  A little over a year later we married.  Yes, I had found my mate, my partner, my best friend and my darling Dear Hubby.  We are close friends with College Girls poppa to this day.  (As a matter of fact he moved to the same town soon after wards.)  

Now I have taken you through this long dialog.  Well it is because I truly feel that God put us together at the right time.  That we recognized him working in our lives at the same time.  You see, I deeply believe that God does work in our lives in little ways that make big differences.  You can see how he has done this for others in the book, Why God Matters: How to Recognize Him in Daily Life by Kariana Lumbert Fabian and her father Deacon Steven Lumbert. This has the Seal of Approval from the Catholic Writers Guild.  Another lil thing for Dear Hubby and I.  You see he is Catholic and I am Baptist, yet we do not have any discourse in our religious beliefs.  We come together in all areas of our lives so well.  A God thing, I have to say.  I love the way this book shares.  "God is with us always, sometimes in ways we don't even realize. Deacon Steve Lumbert and his daughter Karina Fabian say.  You can share their stories of how God led them from casual belief to deep devotion, and offer tips and exercises to help you see God's hand - and take it." How have you seen God work in your life. Was it a provision that came at just the right moment?  A quiet moment that filled you to the brim?  The work of others to help when you thought you was at the end of your rope?  God is like that.  Sometimes quiet, sometimes booming and always fulfilling.  You may wish to share this book too to see how to recognize those times. 

I do want to say thanks for listening to me.  The happiness that fills my life is very much due to the deep love I have from my Dear Hubby.  His constant reassurance that he will always be here and always love me.  If you could just see the deep love shines through his eyes you too would know this is a blessed union.


  1. Happy Anniversary ♥ :)

  2. Happy Anniversary, and thank you for taking time on your special day to share our book with your readers!

    Karina Fabian

  3. Hey Kiddo! AGain, Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! May yu have many more years of happiness! Thank you so much for helping me through the retail part of the book review. Just so you know, I have all those sites on bookmarks now LOL! No chance of losing them for next time!

    You are a dear friend, and I hope our friendship will last for a very long time.

    God Bless!

  4. Happy anniversary, babe! So happy you listened to that voice!

  5. Lynette, Happy 7th Anniversary to you and your Dear Hubby.

    What a great way to incorporate your story with your post on 'Why God Matters.'

    Yes, you are right - sometimes you just "know" you are not on the right path and it is time for a change. Karina and Deacon Steve highlight this feeling in the stories that they share.

    Thanks for sharing the book with your blog readers.

    Best wishes,
    Tribute Books

  6. Nicole, Thanks so much. I had to save this book for this day. It was important to me that I find a way to express that I so agree God does speak to us. We just do not always hear. Of course there are times he just hits us up our head....Thank Goodness!

  7. I am so glad that you found peace and happiness and a great new relationship.


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